Two Point Campus: How to Prestige Rooms and raise campus attractiveness (2023)

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Two Point Campus: How to Prestige Rooms and raise campus attractiveness (1)

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Taking control of and running a college isn’t an easy endeavour. Two Point Campus is the simulation game to prove that. Essentially, anything that can go wrong, likely will go wrong, but it’ll be nothing that you can’t handle if you know what’s essential for a thriving campus full of students.

While it is primarily important to keep staff trained and their happiness high across each campus for your students to flourish, you’ll want to go about building Prestige rooms too.

These rooms will increase the value and attractiveness of your campus on the whole, making it more appealing to staff, students, and everyone else looking over your colleges.

If you manage to build plenty of Prestige rooms and have your campus prosper, you’ll reach that lucrative three-star campus rating in no time. That said, here’s how to build Prestige rooms and raise your campus’ value and attractiveness in Two Point Campus!

How do I create Prestige rooms in Two Point Campus?

A Prestige room is one that is near perfect. For a room to be eligible to be Prestige, you’ll need to ensure that it’s sizeable, has an easily accessible door, plenty of windows, a bin, and suitable decor.

These are the standard requirements for any room to be seen as comfortable and clean, and decorations in particular will greatly improve the rooms' attractiveness to staff and students.

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Depending on what type of room it is, you may need other items. For example, a Bathroom will require toilet cubicles, sinks, and hand dryers, while a Shower Room needs shower cubicles and towels.

On the other hand, Dormitories need beds and study spaces, Libraries require bookshelves and study cubicles, and so forth. Whenever you build a room, you’ll be able to see all the items that room requires before being built, as well as various additional items you can purchase to spice that room up, and increase its Prestige level.

In addition to building and decorating these rooms, you’ll also want janitors to hand in case anything is in need of a repair, and to take care of any litter.

Also, you can fulfil the personal goals of staff and students from time to time. While this primarily improves their happiness, their suggestions can often aid with improving the Prestige level of a room too!

In some cases, the temperature of the room can be important too. Make sure to install radiators or air conditioning where necessary for a room to be in as Prestige a condition as possible.

To check the requests of your campus personnel, simply select the message icons in the lower right corner of your screen! Any that you can’t fulfil, or simply don’t want to, can be rejected.

To summarise how to create a Prestige room:

  • Ample-sized rooms with doors, windows, and decor
  • Relevant items added to rooms, i.e. toilets in Bathrooms, beds in Dormitories
  • Provide bins to prevent litter
  • Use radiators and air conditioning to regulate temperature
  • Hire janitors to fix broken equipment, clean litter, water plants etc/
  • Fulfil personal goals
  • If in doubt, place more plants and posters

You can then check your rooms and their Prestige level by selecting them.

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By creating Prestige rooms, staff and student happiness will increase when they spend time in them. As a result, staff will be happier and deliver better lessons while students are more focused, leading to them performing better.

On the whole, this can lead to an overall increase in campus attractiveness, but also an increase in the value of your campus, too! The more Prestige rooms, the better.

How do I increase campus value and attractiveness in Two Point Campus?

If you want to increase the value of your campus, you’re not only going to need to keep your staff and students happy, but you’re going to have to manage the inefficiency of staff too. After all, if your staff are too busy trying to find a Bathroom, they’re not going to be contributing to your thriving campus!

With this in mind, you’ll need to consider the layout of your campus from the very beginning of opening a new one. If the toilets are too far from a lecture hall and vice versa, this could lead to unfortunate accidents and staff wasting a lot of time.

When building rooms, it’s okay to have more than one bathroom if needed. Just be sure to have them near popular areas, such as Staff Rooms and Dormitories. You’ll want your shower rooms to be nearby to Dormitories too, for your students’ sake; we don’t want a foul-smelling campus, either.

Make sure your rooms are decorated accordingly, and then make sure you have enough staff to tend to your timetable, Library, and the halls. You’ll need teachers, admin staff, and janitors to keep the place functioning.

Bear in mind that staff need breaks and training too, and hire accordingly. It can be hard to work out the right amount of staff to have at any given time, but after a few months of the year have passed, you’ll no doubt work out how many are best for your campus; don’t worry too much about not having it perfect right away.

Similarly, while raising the pay of trained staff improves their happiness, try to hold off on serving them any substantial raises. Unless that member of staff is threatening to quit, it isn’t necessarily worth the extra outgoing cash!

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By all means, sack staff who are under-performing if there’s a more qualified applicant available. While you can train staff, and it feels harsh letting them go, sometimes this is the more efficient way of raising your campus’ value quickly!

That said, you can also train your staff to not only improve the quality of their lessons, but to equip them with new skills too. This comes at a small fee, and can often mean a teacher is out of action for an entire month, so bear this in mind. Better teachers will make your campus more valuable, but you’ll need to hire more staff to make up for their absence.

Later along the campaign, you’ll also be able to open additional campus buildings; this costs a pretty penny, but when they’re built and rearing to go, you’ll be able to make yourself even more of a profit from your bustling Two Point Campus. A worthy investment!

With more campus buildings, classrooms, and staff members, you can also accept open days and let new students enrol. More students with higher grades means a more valuable college, so take these on whenever you have the means to, but be careful to not overcrowd your campus!

To summarise how to raise your campus value and attractiveness:

  • Plan your campus layout, make sure toilets and amenities are easily accessible
  • Decorate and build Prestige rooms
  • Make sure there is enough staff available to teach at all times, while allowing them breaks
  • Train staff and hold off on pay-raises unless necessary
  • Later, build extra campus buildings and create even more Prestige rooms
  • Enrol new students, but be careful not to overcrowd the campus

If you can manage all of that, and essentially keep your staff happy while building plenty of Prestige rooms, your campus will be overflowing with happy, successful students.

If you’re lucky, you might even finally attain that three-star campus rating, and cash will be flowing for you to purchase even more resources!

For more on Two Point Campus, don’t forget to check our guide on raising campus happiness levels. A valuable campus is no good if your students are dropping out!

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How do you increase your prestige in 2 Point campus? ›

Tips for Increasing Room Prestige
  1. Do not use the same decoration multiple times. ...
  2. Room size matters. ...
  3. Use Kudosh wisely. ...
  4. Plants are space-saving decorations. ...
  5. Place hand sanitizers in each room. ...
  6. Add a few trash bins. ...
  7. Do not forget to add janitors with each expansion. ...
  8. Learn when to use small radiators and large radiators.
14 Aug 2022

How do you increase campus level in two Point campus? ›

Get More Students: You can enroll more students at the end of each year by improving classes, as well as by running marketing campaigns throughout the year. The more students you have, the higher your campus level will be.

How can I improve my attractiveness rating? ›

So press square to bring up or x on the xbox square on the playstation. To bring up this left side

How do you increase staff happiness in 2 Point campus? ›

Two Point Campus: How To Maintain Staff Happiness
  1. Send Exhausted Staff On Breaks. ...
  2. Be Generous With Staff Rooms. ...
  3. Pay Them Fairly. ...
  4. Provide Training. ...
  5. Have Good Campus Attractiveness And Prestige.
19 Aug 2022

How many levels are there in 2 Point campus? ›

In the main campaign, there are 12 levels to work through in Two Point Campus. Each one is a distinct university with its own courses, new challenges, and a fresh set of students to inspire. How much of one level you want to do is up to you. There are three stars to earn in each, granted for meeting a set of goals.

How do you unlock sandbox mode in two Point campus? ›

To unlock Sandbox mode, players must reach one star in the Noblestead campus, the fourth level of the game. Once this is unlocked, players have access to any university in the game in Sandbox mode. This means even if players haven't unlocked all the levels yet, they can still access them right away.

How do you get an A+ grade class in Two Point Campus? ›

Get A+ Grades Every Year! - Two Point Campus (How-to) - YouTube

How do you start a 2 point campus marketing campaign? ›

There are some similarities to training staff in the game, in that you select the Marketing room and choose the bottom option on the room panel, which in this case is “Start Marketing Campaign”. You'll get a new options menu with three tabs: General Marketing, Illness Marketing, and Recruitment Marketing.

How do you play Two Point Campus? ›

Essentials for getting started – Two Point Campus - YouTube

How do two point hospitals gain attractiveness? ›

Plants. In Two Point Hospital, there are many items, and putting them in the Hospital will increase the Hospital's Attractiveness. Plants are the cheapest and easiest to increase the Hospital's Attractiveness among all the items. Plants require regular watering, so do consider this when planting them.

How can I improve my appearance Quora? ›

  1. First, I would like to comment: YOU LOOK GREAT!
  2. Your smile brings a smile to everyone here.
  3. As much as appearance may matters to you. ...
  4. Look at these 2 photos and you will know why!
  5. Bring a smile to yourself.
  6. Bring a smile to your family.
  7. Bring a smile to your friends.

How can students improve their happiness? ›

How to Increase Student Happiness
  1. Build the Essentials.
  2. Provide Entertainment and Set Up Events.
  3. Capitalize on the Benefits Provided by Student Clubs.
  4. Fulfill Personal Goals and Complete Assignments.
11 Aug 2022

How do you do campus cook off? ›

To host a Campus Cook-Off, click on the Gastronomy classroom and select the option to create a new event in the room inspector menu. Proceed to select the event, Campus Cook-Off, and find a spare slot in the timetable as the event can only be ran when the room is not in use.

Is Two Point Campus hard? ›

Two Point Campus can be a complex game. While it will lull you into a false sense of certainty with its opening campus levels, it isn't long before it introduces more difficult goals, unruly students, an overwhelming need for staff training, and educational milestones that feel near-impossible to hit.

Is Two Point Campus kid friendly? ›

Parent's Guide. Rating: Family Friendly Two Point Campus is rated by PEGI at three and above and by the ESRB as T for Teen. There's quite a disparity here and it seems that the ESRB rating is based on crude humour and mild suggestive themes.

Who made Two Point Campus? ›

Two Point Studios is a British video game development company founded on 26 July 2016 by Ben Hymers, Mark Webley, and Gary Carr.

How do you level up science lab 2 Point campus? ›

While some decorations and items can be ignored until needed, prioritize the items that give your Science Lab a stat boost. Increasing the Learning Power of your students will in turn increase your chances of seeing them pass out with better grades. The higher the grades, the higher the lab rating.

How do you unlock Celebrity Cook-Off 2 Point campus? ›

Upgrade the equipment at the Lecture Theatre and any classrooms. Level up the courses, both of them, for better results. Schedule the Celebrity Cook-Off, just like when getting three stars on Piazza Lanatra. If the students are good, they'll win the cook-off.

How do you do campus cook-off? ›

To host a Campus Cook-Off, click on the Gastronomy classroom and select the option to create a new event in the room inspector menu. Proceed to select the event, Campus Cook-Off, and find a spare slot in the timetable as the event can only be ran when the room is not in use.


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