Top 28 Best PS4 Minecraft Seeds (2023)

These Minecraft seeds for PS4 will make your next new game a way more exciting experience. Here are the best PS4 Minecraft seeds you absolutely need to try out.

1. Desert Utopia – Seed # 8291939573464379173

Top 28 Best PS4 Minecraft Seeds (1)

After spawning on this seed, head west to find a massive desert temple and desert village only a minute away. The chests within the town are filled with tons of goodies to help you start your journey and the temple is an ideal place to start off your first home base with all the essentials nearby.

2. Island Adventure – Seed # 2090846439

Top 28 Best PS4 Minecraft Seeds (2)

Using this seed will spawn you on a peaceful little island, a fun place to start a survival game. There are several other islands scattered nearby, but you’ll have to venture to the mainland to get some resources to build your island home. If you’re tired of beginning a game in the normal biomes, then an island seed would be a great way to mix it up.

3. Winter Wonderland – Seed #-5224560797713362021

Top 28 Best PS4 Minecraft Seeds (3)

This seed will place you directly in front of a huge ice spike biome, complete with a lava waterfall that somehow doesn’t totally melt all the ice, Minecarft logic. What also makes this seed interesting is the huge cliffs nearby that have massive entry ways that are ripe for mining. You’ll want to bring a torch as a few steps in and it’s as dark as a Creeper’s soul in there.

4. Mansion Livin’ – # 7951339147486379393

Top 28 Best PS4 Minecraft Seeds (4)

Who says you have to start off your game living in a dirty cave? Your new game can begin with style as this seed is directly beside an absolutely massive mansion that’s three stories tall. After spawning, head south-east and it will only be a minute before you see the mansion resting atop a huge hill. There are tons of storage rooms with chests all ready to fill, and by poking around the house a bit you can discover items in certain chests including diamond tools, enchanted books, and lots more rare items. The mansion also has gardens inside so you can produce your own food, tons of bedrooms, libraries, and massive windows looking out on a forest view below. What more could you want?

5. The Giant Chicken Mansion – # -1904495976270803387

Top 28 Best PS4 Minecraft Seeds (5)

If you liked the previous mansion seed, this one might even top it. Located almost directly beside your spawn, this mansion features a space above for a rooftop deck, and 3/4 of a river already encircles it making it perfect for a moat. Plus this mansion comes with a few quirks. Along with a huge lava lamp encased in glass on the top floor, you’ll also find your own towering chicken statue just like you’ve always wanted. You can sometimes find animal sculptures in mansions, but this one is a favorite and one of the best Minecraft PS4 Seeds, for sure.

6. Water Temple – # -8290380977101954710

Top 28 Best PS4 Minecraft Seeds (6)

After spawning, head to the bottom left corner of the map out past some spikey cliffs to the open sea. Nearby is a huge water temple for you to explore, but watch our for guardians. The water temple is located at X: -386 Y: 34 Z: 419 on the map.

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7. The Flatlands – # -782259792648243307

Top 28 Best PS4 Minecraft Seeds (7)

The nice thing about this seed is you will be placed within several different flat biomes, making it prime building territory for whatever creative creation you have planned. Sometimes the more simplistic the world, the better.

8. Mountain Town – # -8618223263869682290

Top 28 Best PS4 Minecraft Seeds (8)

This quaint little town nestled at the bottom of a mountain can be found directly north of your spawn point. It looks like the perfect fixer-upper to set up camp, with cobblestone towers standing beside simple wooden structures. Plus there is another cute and snowy lakeside town further south at X: 98 Y: 70 Z: 1076 if you want a change of scenery.

9. Irrigation Nation – # 4005952010697147452

Top 28 Best PS4 Minecraft Seeds (9)

Just 10 steps to the left of your spawn is a farming town complete with irrigated water systems for growing crops. The town is surrounded by four different biomes, including a lava pool in case you want to make some cobblestone or obsidian. This seed is a great place to start an adventure, as nearly every resource is right by your door.

10. The Prince and the Pauper – # -2721101494169992091

Top 28 Best PS4 Minecraft Seeds (10)

As soon as you spawn head east you will see a tiny village right beside a towering mansion, meaning the distribution of wealth in this Minecraft seed is pretty skewed. These two locations can be found at X: 529 Y:65 Z: 184. You can have some fun though by setting up camp in the village, or the mansion if you feel like you’re better than those peasant villagers. Having both of these locations so close will make for some fun builds to bring some more character to the town with such a unique landscape and variety of buildings.

11. Buildings Galore – Seed # 4036236455055464254

Top 28 Best PS4 Minecraft Seeds (11)

This seed has so many buildings to find you’re going to spend hours exploring. Right where you spawn a decent sized desert village will be just a few feet away, and then directly behind you is a mansion resting right beside another village. Go a bit further east from this mansion and you will find an even bigger mansion, and directly beside that a desert village complete with a desert temple. Look around this map and you will also find at least another two villages to explore on top of those ones, making this the perfect compact but dense seed.

12. Village Island – Seed # -5520242774846464270

Top 28 Best PS4 Minecraft Seeds (12)

If you are looking for a really unique seed, this one spawns you on an island that also has a village on it. Not only that, but right in the water nearby is a giant ocean monument so you can go underwater exploring for resources to improve your builds. Several other islands are scattered around, so you could even try connecting them all for a island cluster city for a fun and new Minecraft survival challenge.

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13. Desert Time Again – Seed #2827392739

Top 28 Best PS4 Minecraft Seeds (13)

Next up on our list of Best PS4 Minecraft Seeds, we have this one. If you are a fan of the desert biome, this one will spawn you in a snow area right bedside a desert village. As well, nearby is a sand temple and another desert village all in the same biome. By using the sand you could connect them all together to make one giant desert city, and it’s sure to make for a fresh new Minecarft start. In the temple you fill find some diamond, gold, emeralds, and more crucial starting supplies.

14. Giant Mooshroom Island – # 6273005969932549201

Top 28 Best PS4 Minecraft Seeds (14)

As soon as you spawn with this seed, if you look to your right you will see an absolutely massive mooshroom island for you to explore. Not only that, but a huge mansion is also right by the island and a little ways out to sea east of the mansion is an ocean monument as well.

15. Island Stronghold – # 560899721

Top 28 Best PS4 Minecraft Seeds (15)

For this best PS4 Minecraft seed, you will spawn on a forest island that is a housing a very nearby stronghold. Move to the smaller side of the island and you will see a massive ravine chasm you will them climb down to reveal some stone blocks hiding a huge stronghold. Along with a library, numerous chests hold some decent loot and this is a great spawn if you are looking to kill the end dragon as fast as you can without cheating.

16. Hidden Valley Desert Temple – # -9117400178834551815

Top 28 Best PS4 Minecraft Seeds (16)

After you spawn in the forest, take a right and you will see a strangely shaped desert biome that is nestled beside some mountains. If you go there, where one mountain meets with the desert is a temple at X: 274 Y: 65 Z: 205 on the map. Sometimes a mob spawner will also be there, but not always. Go down into the temple and there is also a cave system underneath, but be careful of the TNT!

17. Ten Villages – Seed # -741878614836475791

Top 28 Best PS4 Minecraft Seeds (17)

This map houses 10 distinct villages scattered around the entire world. There are over 70 farms, three blacksmiths, and seven castles. They range in size and biome type, and will surely keep you busy as you go off trying to find them all. If you are tired of seeds that only have one village, and a super hard one to find at that, then this is the PS4 Minecraft seed for you.

18. Pumpkin Mansion – Seed # -7606608105783758780

Top 28 Best PS4 Minecraft Seeds (18)

Literally only five feet to your right as soon as you spawn with this seed is a huge mansion with pumpkins scattered around the outside. Pumpkins are nothing to scoff at, as they are actually rarer than diamonds when it comes to how the game spawns them. Also just to the left is a desert temple within view, so there will be lots for you to explore and gather right off the bat.

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19. Snowy Town With Lava Pit – # -3299558837207229892

Top 28 Best PS4 Minecraft Seeds (19)

From where you spawn, head towards the left to the snow biome and there you will find a cute little snowy village that also had a handy resource nearby. Just a few feet away is a lava pit, that is sure to come in handy when you are planning to make some obsidian to get to the Nether.

20. Nearby Neighbors – # -2840901534452993285

Top 28 Best PS4 Minecraft Seeds (20)

Similar to ‘The Prince and the Pauper’ PS4 Minecraft seed, this one features a massive mansion nearby to a small village south west of the spawn point. However, this one differs as there is quite a bit more space between them with a massive mountain standing beside the village. With a bit more distance, there is more space to be creative in how you connect the village and mansion together. The village is located at X:40 Y:69 Z:367, and the mansion can be seen directly to the north of there following a long river. Watch out for the Vindicators inside there though, the place is swarming with them.

21. Everything You Need – #3068013306078013531

Top 28 Best PS4 Minecraft Seeds (21)

Starting a new Minecraft game can be a slow process as you gather everything you need to stay alive and allow you to head out into the world to explore. With this PS4 Minecraft seed, you have, according to a post on Reddit, “2 villages near spawn, 2 mansions near a desert temple, a weird shipwreck, an ocean monument and a weird stronghold that has a spider spawner near the portal.” With all that just seconds from your spawn point, you’ll be able to do everything important in a fraction of the time, getting to the fun quickly.

22. Village World – #5680467420648456170

Top 28 Best PS4 Minecraft Seeds (22)

Finding villages quickly is always important. In this one, there aresix villages (four blacksmiths) and three Desert temples nearby, netting you ten diamonds at the start. It also has two double mob spawners, allowing you to fight a bunch on enemies without having to travel a long way from the spawn. It’s not just repeats either, it’s a pretty varied Minecraft world.

23. Treasure Hunting – # 359828297144159

Top 28 Best PS4 Minecraft Seeds (23)

This PS4 Minecraft Seed sees you become a treasure hunter. Spawning by the ocean, you’ll find a village with a shipwreck underneath. In the wreckage, you’ll find a treasure map that sends you to a location that will give you fourdiamonds, twogold ingots, and nineiron ingots.

24. Two Biomes – # 770557604693672

Top 28 Best PS4 Minecraft Seeds (24)

This seed is split by a river, with a different biome on either side. By the spawn there is asavanna village and a desert temple, with plenty of loot to get. In the area surrounding the spawn, you find armor, golden apples, and two Enchanted Books. Also, the layout and inclusion of two biomes makes it great as a survival seed.

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25. Peakmotion -1744777899

Top 28 Best PS4 Minecraft Seeds (25)

You spawn next to a snowy biome in this seed and there are cool things to see in every direction. To the east, there’s a pillager outpost, and there are more villages, different biomes, and wolves to find close by if you explore away from the spawn point.

26. Bogtall Seed # -57558375

Top 28 Best PS4 Minecraft Seeds (26)

Full of pandas and parrots, as well as water and trees, this seed drops you into a great jungle biome. Venturing just a little further, out of the jungle, and you’ll see a badlands biome too.

27. GoGetter Seed# –1043658803

Top 28 Best PS4 Minecraft Seeds (27)

This seed is a visual treat, arguably more so than a useful one. From the spawn point, you’ll immediately see a huge and complex hill structure, that’s covered in trees. Also, just by the spawn there are a few different biomes, and some good resources to find under the surface.

28. HOIL Seed #2223210

Top 28 Best PS4 Minecraft Seeds (28)

While you start on the edge of a forest biome, close to a snowy one, if you move towards a frozen river ahead you’ll begin to see some giant ice spikes appear in the sky that look very impressive. Keep travelling or digging around and you’ll see rabbits and polar bears, as well as plenty of resources.

That does it for the best PS4 Minecraft seeds! If you need any others, here’s our best Xbox One Minecraft seeds as well asour Best Minecraft Mansions seeds list.



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