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Anna Maria Island located directly on the Gulf of Mexico in Holmes Beach


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Anna Maria Island in Manatee County

Cedar Cove Resort and Cottages, located in Anna Maria Island, Florida, offer a happy worry free vacation directly on the white sandy beach. Cedar Cove offers one and two bedroom efficiences accommodating 1 to 5 guests. These fully equipped efficiencies are air-conditioned and come standard with cable TV. Relax on your private sundeck or patio, or at one of our Gulfside lounges.

Fully furnished 1 & 2 bedroom suites, apartments through penthouses. Private white getaway beach, complete with tiki huts & grills. Most suites directly on the Gulf, stunning sunsets, and ahh the rhythm of the waves. Please join us in your soon to be dream vacation. Many fine restaurants, golf courses & fishing nearby. Weddings, special occasions, and dreams our specialty.

Imagine if you will that you could turn back the clock to a simpler beach vacation. One in which wide strips of white sand, curling blue-green breakers, and unhurried walks on weathered piers dominate your days. Where there is a minimum of condos and no fast food. Only small boutique motels and resorts with casual and affordable restaurants serving a wide variety of foods. This is the island of Anna-Maria. Nestled between Sarasota Bay to the east and Tampa Bay to the north, it is a true barrier island with the glorious Gulf of Mexico lapping at its shores. Cedar Cove Resort & Cottages personifies this earlier more restful time.

We have 18 distinctively different suites that range from our whimsical Key West Cottages to our breathtaking Penthouses with their uninterrupted view of the Gulf. Each of our suites is unique in their décor and location. Our 5 cottages are nestled around lush tropical landscaping with porches and a swing for long afternoons of dreaming or reading. Only steps away, directly across a 2-lane street, is our beautiful beach. Our other suites are designed with relaxation in mind. Furnished in the Old Florida tradition, they have modern kitchens and baths. All suites either have patios, decks or balconies that are facing towards the Gulf of Mexico, which gives you a front row seat to one of natures most glorious light shows - our sunsets.

We are within walking distance of three restaurants and approximately six blocks from a large national chain grocery store and drug store. Bicycle rentals are available near our property. We are on the major bus line that serves Bradenton and Sarasota for those who wish to leave the driving to others and we are close to two airports, both of which are serviced by large carriers.

Also new to the area is the GWIZ interactive science center its hands on, entertaining to say the least, it challenges children of all ages in the areas of Physical Science, Earth Science, Technology and more. Many families use Cedar Cove Resort and Cottages as there home base as they venture off to new and exciting areas. Tampa Bay, St. Petersburg, and Orlando to the North, Sarasota to the West. In St. Petersburg there is the Salvador Dali Museum, Busch Gardens boasts of the Worlds largest roller coaster. Disney, Epcot, MGM Studios and Universal Studios, we have it all.

Anna Maria Vacations is a small successfully established family run business with properties situated just feet away from the Bay and the Gulf on Anna Maria Island, virtually between the two bridges that lead onto the island from the mainland. Arriving here from the UK in the early nineties, we toured the majority of Florida from Daytona to Palm Beach, Miami to Key West, Naples to Clearwater & St. Petersburg, before deciding to settle here on this Gulf Coast hideaway We finally chose Anna Maria Island for the tranquil atmosphere, the warmth and friendliness of the locals, the pace of life and above all the beautiful beaches, wildlife and sunsets which make this uncrowded island one of the best spots in the world.

Our villas are maintained in superb condition. The result is a standard of accommodation where we are always fully booked fifty weeks of the year, a feat unheard of on this sleepy little island. The villas are regularly inspected and always receive an excellent rating. The owners were at the forefront in encouraging the Superior Small Lodging Program for the entire area and received a congratulatory letter from the county for having one of the highest scores awarded. Within this brochure we have included a comprehensive selection of photographs to help you choose accommodation which suits your needs and budget. We show you the beach, floor plans and a number of interior photos which on some brochures may be lacking. We have included information on the island and the Bradenton area, but please do not think this is the complete story. Even after ten years we are still finding new places to visit and excellent restaurants to eat at.

We trust you will find the information in this brochure helpful and informative. Your dream of lazing on this beautiful island with white sugar sand beaches and breath taking sunsets can come true. Choosing one of our accommodations enables you to live that dream. Anna Maria Island is the perfect getaway - no high rise buildings, village style atmosphere, great shopping. Nearby Sarasota is just 20 minutes drive and is known as the cultural center of Florida with the glittering theaters, galleries & elegant shopping. Clearwater is 40 minutes drive across the Skyway Bridge, Tampa is approximately 1 hour and Orlando 2 hours.

Bob and Jenny welcome guests from all walks of life and from all over the world. When visiting a new country for the first time some quite rightly ask is it safe? Having travelled extensively and lived for thirty years in a sleepy little English village before settling in Florida, we answer "Yes". This part of Florida is safe. The island has a small population and although surrounded by sand, sea and palm trees it reminds us of that village atmosphere.

Prices in Florida are generally a great deal less than in Europe. In fact many of our guests tell us that they save the cost of their flight by snapping up bargains. When renting a car, some companies exert pressure to make you purchase upgrades and additional insurance cover. You may already have this with your holiday insurance. Check your cover, ascertain the size of your rental car in advance and do not be railroaded at the rental car pick up. It is advisable to purchase travel insurance. Please ask if you need advice with flights.

Normally Florida is warm and casual so do yourself a favor and travel light. Shorts, tee shirts and comfortable clothing are the order of the day. In the winter evenings you may need a light jacket. UK inquirers may use the freephone number direct to our office in Florida after 2 pm UK time. If your call is out of our office hours, please leave your name and telephone number on our answerphone and we will return your call as soon as possible. We are always pleased to answer any questions to help you plan your vacation on our beautiful island.

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