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  • AccessMedicine (McGraw Hill) This link opens in a new windowAccessMedicine provides medical students with a variety of resources needed to excel in basic science studies and clerkships; helps residents, nurse practitioners, and physician assistants with instant access to videos, self-assessment, and leading medical textbooks that facilitate decision-making at the point-of-care; and allows practicing physicians to brush up on their medical knowledge to ensure the best patient outcome.

  • AHFS Consumer Medication Information (EBSCO) This link opens in a new windowA database of Patient Advisory Leaflets from Lexi-Comp that provides vital education on medications for patients. The approach for each pamphlet is to present each medication in an easy to follow and understand question-and-answer format. The leaflets are designed in a manner that supports successful patient education in both the hospital and outpatient setting.

  • Alt HealthWatch (EBSCO) This link opens in a new windowFocuses on the many perspectives of complementary, holistic and integrated approaches to health care and wellness.

  • APA PsycInfo (EBSCO) This link opens in a new windowAn electronic bibliographic database providing abstracts and citations to the scholarly literature in the psychological, social, behavioral, and health sciences.

  • Cochrane Library (Wiley) This link opens in a new windowAn electronic publication designed to supply high quality evidence to inform people providing and receiving health care, and those responsible for research, teaching, funding and administration at all levels.

  • Consumer Health Complete (EBSCO) This link opens in a new windowA "comprehensive resource for consumer-oriented health content. It is designed to support patients' information needs and foster an overall understanding of health-related topics." This database includes articles and eBooks.

  • EBSCO eBook Collection This link opens in a new windowA library of electronic books (ebooks) on many academic subjects.

  • Electronic Book Center (OhioLINK) This link opens in a new windowContains the full texts of thousands of scholarly and reference e-books from several publishers, covering many subject areas. Includes titles from Oxford University Press and Springer, as well as other publishers.

  • Electronic Journal Center (OhioLINK) This link opens in a new windowOffers full text of more than 7,000 online journals in many subject areas. Most electronic indexes available to the Ohio academic community link from article citations to the full text in the EJC.

  • FOCUS MSJ Library Catalog This link opens in a new windowFOCUS is the MSJ Library's online catalog. Search FOCUS to find out which print books, ebooks, films, journals, and other digital materials are available from the Mount Library.

  • Health Source - Consumer Edition (EBSCO) This link opens in a new windowA collection of consumer health information. Health Source: Consumer Edition features searchable full text for nearly 300 consumer health periodicals, plus indexing and abstracts for over 300 periodicals. Also included is searchable full text for nearly 1,100 health-related pamphlets; 136 health reference books, including books published by the People's Medical Society, and more than 4,500 Clinical Reference Systems reports (in English and Spanish).

  • Health Source - Nursing/Academic Edition (EBSCO) This link opens in a new windowProvides nearly 550 scholarly full text journals, including nearly 450 peer-reviewed journals focusing on many medical disciplines. Also featured are abstracts and indexing for nearly 850 journals.

  • JAMA Network (AMA) This link opens in a new windowProvides full text access to JAMA: the journal of the American Medical Association. Coverage range=01/07/1998 - present

  • Natural & Alternative Treatments (EBSCO) This link opens in a new windowContains more than 700 evidence-based articles covering medical conditions, alternative therapies, herbs and supplements, functional foods, drug interactions, and homeopathy.

  • OhioLINK Library Catalog This link opens in a new windowAn online catalog of more 23 million items held in over 80 Ohio college and university libraries. Use OhioLINK to search for and request books and videos not owned by the Mount Library. OhioLINK's catalog focuses on academic content. For popular titles, try also searching SearchOhio.

  • OvidSp (Wolters Kluwer) This link opens in a new windowOffers access to a small collection of full text nursing journals. Includes access to Joanna Briggs Institute EBP Database.

  • Psychology and Behavioral Sciences Collection (EBSCO) This link opens in a new windowCovers emotional and behavioral characteristics, psychiatry and psychology, mental processes, anthropology, and observational and experimental methods.

  • Science Reference Center (EBSCO) This link opens in a new windowA "comprehensive research database that provides easy access to a multitude of full-text science-oriented content. Designed to meet every student's science research needs, Science Reference Center contains full text for hundreds of science encyclopedias, reference books, periodicals, and other sources. Topics covered include: biology, chemistry, earth & space science, environmental science, health & medicine, history of science, life science, physics, science & society, science as inquiry, scientists, technology and wildlife. Science Reference Center also satisfies the demand for standards-based content by providing teachers and librarians with articles correlated to state and national curriculum standards."

  • SPORTDiscus with Full Text (EBSCO) This link opens in a new windowCovers sport, physical fitness, exercise, sports medicine, sports science, physical education, kinesiology, coaching, training, sport administration, officiating, sport law & legislation, college & university sport, disabled persons, facility design & management, intramural & school sport, doping, drugs, health, health education, biomechanics, movement science, injury prevention rehabilitation, physical therapy, rehabilitation, nutrition, exercise physiology, sport & exercise psychology, recreation, leisure studies, tourism, allied health, occupational health & therapy, public health and more.

  • PubMed This link opens in a new window

    Note: Accessing PubMed via this specific URL on the Library's site allows users to link to full text journals in the Library's digital collections, when available, or link to the interlibrary loan form for a copy request. To take advantage of this enhancement, it is necessary to access this version using the specific link listed on the Library's site from either on campus or through our off campus login. See also MEDLINE with Full Text from EBSCO.

  • UpToDate (Wolters Kluwer) This link opens in a new window

    Please note: In order to use UpToDate, Wolters Kluwer, the database vendor, requires all MSJ users to create a personal account with login credentials that are separate from their regular MSJ Library login. You must read and follow these directions for account access:
    1. To create your Wolters Kluwer UpToDate personal account, go to the database link above.
    2. Make sure you are NOT on the MSJ campus network (which includes VPN) when you click on the URL above. You need to access the registration site on an off-campus computer or mobile device.
    3. After clicking on the MSJ Library remote access login screen. Type in your last name and MSJ Library ID number (the number labelled LIB on the front of your Mount ID card).
    4. Click on either the “register” or “register now” buttons. (Please note: if you see a “subscribe” button instead of a “register” button in the upper right-hand corner, then that means you’re on the MSJ on-campus network. Please switch to an off-campus computer and try again.)
    5. On the registration screen, you’ll be asked to enter your name, email address, zip code, and then identify your speciality and role. You will also create a username and password. Please note: This is the username and password that you will use to login to UpToDate from now on.
    6. Once you have set up your personal account, you should now be logged in and can begin using UpToDate. From this point on, whenever you need to use UpToDate again, you can just go to and login using the username and password that you created when you registered. At this point, you can also download the UpToDate app for iPhone or Android, and use it with your personal account username and password. UpToDate Help and Training Site offers more information.
    See also the "UpToDate Anywhere Registration Guide."

    For UpToDate account reactivation: UpToDate automatically deactivates UpToDate accounts after 6 months. Students will need to follow these instructions to reactivate their UpToDate account:
    1.Use the database link abaove but make sure you are off of the MSJ wireless network. (For example: your laptop on any off-campus network, or your smartphone on your phone service provider’s network instead of the Mount wireless.)
    2.You should first come to a MSJ Library login page. At the library login page, type in your last name and your Library ID number, which is on the front of your Mount student ID card.
    3.If you have logged in successfully, you should now see the UpToDate login page. Login with your personal UpToDate login credentials.
    4.If you have logged in successfully to UpToDate, then you should see some kind of message that says your access has now been renewed or reactivated.

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