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Patrons may use our laminator at any time. Charges for laminating sleeves are 50 cents per sheet for 8.5" X 11" and $1 per sheet for 12" X 18" sleeves. We provide instructions but we cannot complete projects for you. Must be 18 or older to use the laminator. We also have a paper cutter.

Mon: 10-6, Tues & Wed: 10-8, Thu & Fri: 10-6, Sat: 10-1 (June-August)

OPTION 1: Place holds for items using the onlineMinuteman catalog. You will need yourlibrary card number and your password/PIN.Contact usif you need help with either. You may request books from other libraries. Once you receive an email that your book has arrived, contactus and we will put your items out for pickup.


: Use theonline formto ask us to pull items for you from Holliston's collection or call us at 508-429-0617. You can specify an author, title or subject or ask us to pick out items for you.Once your items are ready, we will contact you and set a pickup time.


: Pick up your items at the rear of the library building. The door is marked. Your pickup will be in a bag with your name on the white table. All items are already checked out to you. You may return items in the silver book drop at the lower library entrance or the green bin near the table. There are no fines on returned items. The drop/bins are emptied daily.


: E-books, downloadable audio, TV series, movies, comics, magazines and music are available electronically. We recommendHooplafor beginners. It's easy and all items are available all the time. No reserves, no waiting, ever. There may be waiting lists inLibby/Overdrive. Use both services! You will need your library card and password/PIN. Need help? Call us at 508-429-0617 or email

Use one of the options under Curbside Pickup and indicate that you wish home delivery by phone or on the online form. Please be patient. Our staff and volunteers will bring your items as quickly as possible but it may take a day or two. All items are already checked out to you. We have packed your items with clean hands and a mask. If you are concerned, allow the bag to sit for 3 days before being opened. You may return items to us Please put them in a bag or box on your porch or stairs or at your front entrance. There are no fines on returned items. We will not enter your home or meet you at the door. This is a contactless delivery. We can knock or ring the doorbell.

Instant success with free movies, TV, e-books, downloadable audiobooks and music-all available all the time- NO reserves or waiting lists ever. Download the Hoopla app.Have your email, a password and your Holliston library card ready.Learn more. Don't have a Holliston card wtih the prefix 26287? We will give you a new card at no charge. Just ask. A gift of the Friends of the Library.

Read it from home on your computer or device

Overdrive, the service that provides e-books, downloadable audio and video now has electronic magazines. Always available and no waiting lists.Click here to start reading. Sign in with your library card and password. Need help with your password? Call us at 508-429-0617.

No travel required

Mass residents are eligible to get aBoston Public Library e-card. It's free and gives you access to more electronic services free of charge including e-books. BPL's electronic resources.

Shoutbomb, our text message notice service
Sign up for the service by texting the word "signup" to the phone number 833-201-1813 and follow the directions.Learn more.

Our Rokus have Netflix, Hulu, Acorn, HBO Max, current digital movies and free channels like Youtube, PBS, Pandora and Red Bull. Try one at home for 3 weeks for free with a valid library card. You must be 18 or older. Wireless Internet service and a TV with an HDMI slot required.

at Cross Street

Follow the signposts and read a children's story step by step. A project of The Friends and Eagle Scout Jamie Ogilvie.

Sign up for temporary card online now

Click hereto find out more. Visit the library with identification to convert your eCard to a permanent card within 6 months.

Use it from home or the library free

You must have a valid Holliston library card and be a Holliston resident. Your patron ID is your library card number. Call 508-429-0617 for more info or to get a Holliston library card.Click here for access.

for two weeks at no charge with a valid library card
Holliston residents aged 18 and over may borrow. A gift of the Aldrich Astronomical Society. Includes instructions and guide to the night sky.

The library has two scanners to convert photos and documents into electronic images and PDFs. The staff is available to help you operate the scanner and to send them as email attachments at any time. There is no charge.

Don't lose your place in line just because you're away or too busy.
Go to the Minuteman catalog and log into your account using your library card and PIN. Click on your holds and check off those you want to "freeze"on the right side of the screen. Click update list. Icicles will appear around those titles you've frozen and they will stay frozen until you unfreeze them. You will not lose your place on the reserve list.

Fax service is available to the public and sponsored by the Friends of the Library. The cost to send or receive a fax is $1 per page. The staff is available to help you send a fax.
TO RECEIVE A FAX AT THE LIBRARY:PLEASE CALL 508-429-0617 SO WE MAY SET THE MACHINE TO RECEIVE. We also have a scanner to allow you to scan documents, turn them into PDFs and email or save them on a flash drive. There is no charge and we will help you use the scanner.

Library cards are free and available to all Massachusetts residents regardless of their town of residency. Identification with current address is required. A piece of mail, a bill,paycheck, passportorcheckbook with current addresscan be used with identification that does not have a current address.Parents may use their ID to identify a child. A replacement card for a lost or destroyed card is free of charge. The Minuteman app allows patrons to create a digital card that can be used to check out books. Patrons must present their cards each timeto take out library materials. The card is accepted in allMinuteman Library Networklibraries. Patrons may also get ane-card onlinethat is good for 6 months.

A temporary card number will be issued. Make it permanent by stopping into a Minuteman Library within that six months.

Children's Room Public Meeting Room Museum Passes Book Drops Conference Room

Adult FictionAudiobooks Music Movies Tax Forms Fax Book Sale
Magazines Scanner Conference Room

Young Adult/Teen Zone Adult Non-fiction Biographies Reference
Conference Room

There are computers for public use on all three floors of the library. Most support Microsoft Office as well as Internet access. The wireless access can be used anywhere in the building.

Go to and click "Catalog" and then "Log into My Account."

Log in using your library card number and PIN. If you do not have a PIN, you can set one up online or we can do it for you. Once you are in your account, you can search the catalog, reserve books, renew, check due dates, pay fines and fees by credit card and track books you've read-- 24 hours per day. You can also be notified about books being held for you or books that need to be returned by sharing your email with the library. We NEVER send spam or solicitations and it is illegal for us to share your email with anyone.

Our library is a member of this network of 43 public and academic libraries. State funding provides delivery of books between libraries at no charge. You may take out or return books at any MLN public library. Your card is welcome in the public libraries.

VisitMinutemanfor information, hours and the websites of other MLN libraries.

You may request books from any Minuteman library and have them sent to Holliston for you to borrow.

Located at the lower level of the library, these two boxes are open 24 hours for returns. Please do not put puppets or donations in the boxes. Do not leave library materials outside the boxes.

Adults 18+ with valid library card

Learn more.

Stream movies and take college level courses all for free.

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