How To Make Minecraft Schematics (2023)

This post will walk you through how you can easily create fantastic builds for other servers and communities to enjoy.

Minecraft is still one of the most popular games around today, and it's no wonder with all of the great content and unique universes that players can enjoy. We're going to look at how you can create schematic files, a really useful tool that some communities may enjoy using for quick events and easy set up of server spawns etc. The opportunities for creating schematics are quite limitless, and you can have a lot of fun creating schematics and trying schematics by other people!

Creating A Schematic File

For this guide, we are using WorldEdit, you could also use alternative plugins but the instructions won't be the same for our guide, but the general idea will be similar. You can also use a visualiser for WorldEdit, so you can easily see your selection - this can make it a lot easier so you can only select what you need. We're also using GTXGaming as our server host, so instructions may also differ depending on your server host control panel, but should be largely the same. We're using a Spigot server for the purposes of this guide.

If you haven't used WorldEdit before, it isn't as complicated as it may seem at first glance, and practice and the quick start guide will make you much more confident in no time. Once WorldEdit is installed on your server, in your /plugins folder, you should head ingame.

As WorldEdit selects areas in a cuboid shape, you should keep this in mind, and the quick start guide provides 3 ways you can make your block selection. We are using the //wand command for this guide, and we have chosen our two points. In the short video clip below, we illustrate how you can make the selection using the //wand.



(Video) ULTIMATE Guide to all things Schematica!

As you can see in the video, we have placed two brightly coloured blocks that are very different to the surrounding sand. This is so we can easily identify the boundary of our cuboid, and point A and point B, you don't need to do this at all, but it's a good way to show what we're doing. When selecting point A, we need to use a left-click, and when selecting point B, we need to use a right-click. Make sure you see both messages in chat that both points have been selected, and then the command is very simple! /schem or /schematic save <name>. And now in your server panel go to your file manager, head to /plugins, then /WorldEdit, and then /schematics you will see your brand new schematic file!

As you can see in the clip, our cat statue/shrine is surrounded by loyal feline followers. Perhaps they are guarding their master, or perhaps it's something more sinister. It should be noted that the cats are not included in the schematic file and will not be loaded into the game you decide to use the schematic.

Installing A Schematic File

Perhaps the easiest part of the process is when you need to install a new schematic to your server. If you've been sent a schematic or you've purchased one, you can easily and smoothly drag and drop the schematic file into your /schematics folder without any hassle.

(Video) How To Create a Schematic In Minecraft

Installation couldn't be easier! Always make sure you have a backup of all of your schematics, don't risk losing them in the event of a problem with the server host or otherwise. You could store them in Dropbox, Google Drive, or simply on your own PC.

Loading Your Chosen Schematic

Once your schematic is in your /WorldEdit, /schematics folder, you can load this in-game with a short and simple command. Watch our very short clip that shows how you can do this below:


(Video) How To Use Litematica | Minecraft 1.19+ Tutorial


As you can see in the short clip, we simply use the command /schem load <name>, and our cat statue is pasted into the world.

If you were using a grid visualiser, which is not included in this guide, you may have better control of where your schematic will be pasted in. Whether you decide to use a visualiser is entirely up to you.

An Alternative Way To Use Your Schematics

It will depend on the type of server you are running, but here are some ideas on how you can use your schematics ingame.

  • Using the Citizens plugin - This plugin can allow you to use the Builder trait for NPCs. Though the Builder plugin author is now inactive, third party forks do exist, read more here. If you are good with coding and plugins, you may want to look at using this cool tool. The Builder NPC allows you to put some RPG elements into your schematic building. You can assign your builder a schematic to complete, and your players can be tasked with providing the builder NPC with the appropriate materials. This can be a great way to stimulate trade and economy on a server, and can bring your community together to gather materials for the awesome build that is coming. As players donate materials, the builder NPC will slowly build the schematic before their eyes. This is a fun and engaging way to get your players involved with new areas of your map, add storylines, and add a goal for your community to complete.

  • Customise NPCs - Using some of the great NPC plugins available or creating your own, you could look at creating an event NPC with custom dialogue who will accept materials for "the build effort". Let's say your server plans to introduce a brand new map/region/server and instead of a boring launch at your next maintenance, you could introduce this community event. This will stimulate your server economy at the same time, which can be exciting for the players wanting to capitalise on the event. Leading up to the launch, your community will donate materials to build a large bridge over a deep chasm, a huge cathedral (with a portal to the new region/server inside), a huge castle etc. When your community has donated enough materials to your custom NPC, the custom NPC could broadcast a message to all ingame that the event has been a success. At your next maintenance, you can install your new schematic, retire your custom NPC or give them a new role (warden of the castle perhaps?).

    (Video) Litematica How To Make A Schematic In Minecraft - A tutorial

As you can see, there is plenty of scope available for you to make using schematics far more exciting and engage your community at the same time, bringing everyone together, and providing a great way to stimulate your server economy and remove materials/ingame currency from the game.

Distributing Minecraft Schematics Via Tebex

If you are a good builder with a flair for creativity, you could also set up a Tebex store so you can easily sell and deliver your schematics completely automatically.

We would recommend either the Minecraft Offline store type or the Discord store type. If you want to sell your builds in a bundle, we would recommend putting them in a folder and zipping them into a .zip file. Singular schematic files could be sold as they are, or you may want to .zip them too if you want to include instructions for installation. By using the file download deliverable, your content can be automatically delivered to your customer a few minutes after they complete checkout with Tebex - this means that you can spend more time building, and less time worrying about manually sending the schematics.

Before you distribute your schematics on Tebex, go through our checklist:

  • Have you taken plenty of screenshots or a YouTube video showcasing your fantastic build? Your customers need to see it!
  • Have you written a great product description that tells the customer everything about delivery, installation and how they can contact you?
  • Have you decided where to advertise your creation? There are plenty of Minecraft websites and forums you can showcase your build!
  • Have you created your store? We have a getting started guide that will help you get set up.
  • Have you decided if your content is free or paid? If you plan to take payment for your custom content, you could consider launching your new product with a coupon or sale discount. You can also consider pay what you want pricing.

Need some further help? Just drop us a message at and our friendly support team will get back to you as soon as possible.


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