Guide for LEGO Harry Potter: Years 1-4 (2022)

There's no names to any of the rooms in the game, so I decided to just make some up. Here's a map so you know which areas I'm talking about:

Guide for LEGO Harry Potter: Years 1-4 (1)

Abbreviation Key:
WL = Wingardium Leviosa
LS = Lumos Solem
IM = Immobilize
SIP = Student In Peril
RD = Requires Reducto (You get this in year 4)
DM = Requires a dark magic character
Key = Requires a key character (Griphook)

(TT) = In the Time Turner version of this room. You unlock the Time Turner ability in Year 3, and you use it by going up to the grandfather clocks and hitting B with a TT character (only one I know is Hermione).


Gryffindor Dorm Bedrooms

Gold Brick: In the boys bedroom, destroy all the tops of the beds with magic. It will appear above one of the beds, which you can now bounce on to grab it.

Character: Ron (Hogwarts) - In a chest right near the exit door in the boys bedroom.

Red Brick (Fall Rescue) - In a suitcase on the left side of the room. The owl is right beside it.

(TT) Character: Dean Thomas - The exact same place as the above red brick, but in the TT version of the room.

(TT) Gold Brick: In the TT version, on the north wall there's a chest you can open. Hop inside and you'll fall down to find the brick.

(TT) Character: Seamus Finnigan - Right where the clock was is a chest with a silver lock.

Gryffindor Dorm Main

Character: Gryffindor Boy - Behind a couch in the boys dormitory (it has someone laying on it). You can use magic on the couch to give you some room.

Student In Peril: Right beside the above couch, the student seems to have been turned into cube form. Use magic on them to save them.

Dorm Hallway

Gold Brick: Hit all 5 house banners in the wallway to have the gold brick appear.

Hufflepuff Dorm Entrance

Character: Neville Longbottom - Pick up some earmuffs from the closet, then use the mandrake to destroy the 3 glass cases in the area.

Student In Peril: Putting the above mandrake in the basket will save a student.

Hufflepuff Dorm

Gold Brick: Right near the entrance use RD on the large silver lock. Then WL the cake into the painting.

Student In Peril: Go near all the yellow couches and hit the plant in the fire place. A student will pop out afterwards. **Credit to osakamitsu**

Character: The Fat Friar - Go to the left and hit the painting. Then just hit the cake a couple of times.

Hufflepuff Dorm Bedroom

Character: Hufflepuff Girl - Right near the entrance is a chest, open it then build the radio.

Red Brick (Christmas): Hit the barrel in the center, then destroy every flower. Owl is to the left.

Ravenclaw Dorm Entrance

Character: Penelope Clearwater - As soon as you enter hit the gate on the left, then use WL on the pieces.

Ravenclaw Dorm

Character: Gabrielle Delacour - Hit the chest in the top middle, it will send out a quidditch ball. Wait a bit and the token will be on the left.

Red Brick (Hogwarts Crest Detector): There's stuff all around the bottom you can use WL on to move in near the middle. You're making a bird, when you've putting everything in hit the head (the round pieces) to make him fly up and to get the brick. Owl is on the left.

Ravenclaw Dorm Bedrooms

Gold Brick: There are 5 gold books you need to hit. 2 are in this room, under beds. The other 3 are back in the main dorm area, near the bookshelves.

Character: Padma (Ballgown) - Hit the bed on the far left, then you can bounce up to the token.

Student In Peril: There's a student near a book in the middle. Hit the chain to the right of the book and it will grab it, saving the student.

Slytherin Dorm Entrance

Character: Rita Skeeter - Use RD on all the locks on the floor, then build the heavy chain. Use a strong character on both chains to make a fountain up to the token. **Note - The chains may be invisible or hard to see. They are in the water areas near the back, on both sides**

Slytherin Dorm

Character: Slytherin Boy - Hit the painting near the entrance, then destroy the box he sends out.

Character: Slytherin Girl - There are 5 small green lamps in this area you can use WL on. First two are in the left side, last 3 are on the right side - the hard one to see is on top of a bookshelf.

Slytherin Dorm Bedroom

Student In Peril: Hit the bookcase with the student behind it to free him.

Red Brick (Score x4): Simply sitting out in the open on the right. Owl is to the left.

Gold Brick: There's a chest near the back, hit it to send some stuff into the fountain. The gold brick will then appear.

Moving Staircase Tower

Gold Brick: Near the bottom is a painting with a quidditch player. Use X and he'll throw the ball. Move up the staircases and the second quidditch player painting you find will have the ball. Use X again and he'll knock it down to the player in between the last 2. Use X yet again and he'll knock it straight up to the dog, who will throw his bone which will become the gold brick.

Character: Percy (Sweater) - Right in front of the blue door to the Rec Room are two small pots. Hit them with X twice to get the token.

Character: Professor Binns - Keep climbing the tower and you'll spot a large statue with two candles on either side. WL the lit candle to get the token.

Student In Peril: At the very top of the staircase, next to the dog painting.

Rec Room

(accessible from Moving Staircase Tower, use X on the blue door)

Gold Brick: You'll need 3 bunnies to get into the spinning wheels near the car. Use X on the painting near the door, then WL the letter into the mailbox for one. Use X on the pile of scrap on top of the bookshelf for 2. Lastly hit the TV on the right 4 times to get the last bunny and the gold brick.

Red Brick (Score x6): Hit the printer on the table with X, it should print a picture of a red box. It will then appear on the table, owl is to the left.

Character: Mr Mason - Hit the bobblehead on the right table, then hit the second one.

Character: Mrs Mason - Hit the lawnmower to get the token.

Character: Dudley Dursley - Hit the computer, then hit the monitor.

Dumbledores Office

(You need to finish all story levels before you can go here. Credit to Geckyy)

Gold Brick: Right by the desk is a chest with a silver lock.

Red Brick (Invincibility): Go near the phoenix and the red brick will appear. Owl is to the left by the door.

Character: Nearly Headless Nick - Go to the right at hit the item on the coat rack.

Character: Professor Dumbledore (Grey) - Go up top and pull the heavy chain. Then destroy all the planets on the spinning display. Use WL on the sorting hat to get the token.

Character: Professor Dumbledore - Go up top and pull the heavy chain, then use DM on the chest in the area behind the desk.


(area right after leaving the dorm hallway)

Student In Peril: Use WL on the books on the left to create platforms up to the hanging student, push him to save him.

Gold Brick: There are 6 unlight floating candles in this area. Hit them all to reveal a gold brick.

Character: Doris Crockford - There are 6 torches to use WL on - and 3 more in the Lobby Hallway (one has a silver lock on it). Use WL on them all to get the token.


(Use Ridikkulus on the boggart chest in the Lobby to get the key for this area)

Character: Ravenclaw Girl - Use RD on the lock to the right, then WL the bar out of the way. Build the pieces that come out and after a short bit the token will appear.

Character: Susan Bones - Go to the painting near the entrance and hit the statue near it. The fire should drive the person in the painting to the other painting near the cauldron. Jump on the leftmost flower that appears and have your AI or co-op buddy use WL on it to send you up to the token.

Library Second Room

(use the ageing potion in the library to get past the barrier)

** Glitch Alert - IMPORTANT **

Make sure you have a DM character and Harry when going for the 'Wizard (Red)' character token. If you don't, you won't be able to get the token in one go, and when you leave and return one of the enemies you need to kill won't appear.

** Glitch Alert **

For some reason one of the wizard hats in the bottom collectable listed has a 'Yellow Crest' indicator attached to it (you can test this yourself - try turning off your crest indicator). It never disappears permanently - not sure why this happens, just ignore it.

Red Brick (Red Brick Detector): Go to the back and you should already see the red brick up the bookshelf. Use WL on the books and put them in the right spot (near same coloured books) to have it fall down. Owl is in the bottom right.

Character: Alicia Spinnet - Use a book character on the cabinet to the left. Build the vehicle, then use it to drive over the 5 books that appear.

Character: Wizard (Red) - **Glitch Alert - See note above** Use a DM character on the black wall on the left (you can break it from the ground). Kill the spider, then hop up and use Expecto Patronus on the enemy, then kill the bee. The barrier should disappear now. Go over and grab the token.

Student In Peril: - Go under the right platform, hit the red book then use B to pick it up. Make sure you've done the above first, because you'll need access to the closet on the left side. Use a dig character to dig out the ladder, climb up and put the mandrake in the barrel to save the student.

Gold Brick: There are 3 brown wizard hats you can hit. One is on the left platform on the railing. The other is on the back wall, near the large door. The last is on the right platform, on the bookshelf at your level.

Great Hall Entrance

**Note - If you're having trouble hitting the banners in this room (the camera keeps going down instead of up), go back to the dashboard and change your Y-Axis from Inverted to Normal **

Student In Peril: In the room right before the Great Hall, the banner in the top left (it's high up) has a student on it. Knock it down with magic.

Gold Brick: In addition to the above banner, there are 3 others in the same room - two by the doors to the Great Hall and two by the staircase you came from. Knock down all 4 for the Gold Brick.

Character: Harry (Blue Shirt) - On the right side behind the staircase. You'll need to have unlocked polyjuice potions to get back there.

Character: Witch (White) - On the far left there is a cabinet you can use DM on, open it for the token.

Great Hall

Student In Peril: On the left high up there is a student stuck in a cobweb. Use X to get him down.

Red Brick (Character Studs): On the back of the left table there is a pile of bricks, use X to turn it into a turkey. Eventually it will break and the red brick will appear. Grab it and go to the right to give it to the owl.

Gold Brick: Look closely on the tables and you'll spot two green cups and a green jug beside them - there are 6 total. 5 on the student tables, then one at the teachers table. Hit them all to make the gold brick appear above you. Then, hit the plates at the end of 3 tables to create platforms to go grab it.

Character: Molly Weasley - In the back on the left is a silver food platter, break it with RD.

Character: Colin Creevey - Same as above, but on the right side.

Bathroom Hallway

Character: Hermione (Cat) - Go to the left and use a book character on the tablet. Build the resulting Lego pieces with WL, then hit the cabinet with X.

Gold Brick: On the upper path, use RD to get by. Then use WL on the piece inside the glass - have your AI or co-op buddy move the pieces in the way. Drag it out then hit it, it will turn into a snail which will lead you to the gold brick.

Boys Bathroom

(requires RD to access)

Red Brick (x8 Score): In the middle, move the 2 shower heads to the shower pipes. Then hit all 4 shower handles to get the red brick. The owl is near the door.

Student In Peril: There are 2 large green stalls on the right. Open the left and run in to save the student.

Character: Madam Hooch - On the right next to a green cabinet is a garbage can, knock it over. Use WL on the spray paint and tag the wall to make the token show up.

Main Classroom Entrances

Character: Gryffindor Girl - One of the characters here will be hold a character token and taunting you. Chase him around until he goes near the small barrel near the back of the room, then use WL on the barrel to scare him into dropping the token.

Character: Ernie Macmillan - There are 6 glass items you must break with a mandrake (the closet is in the top right). One is downstairs, the other 5 are upstairs past the glass door.

Gold Brick: Near the entrance to DATDA, use the pieces to create a giant H. Then use RD on the silver part to create an animal tunnel. Move the section using WL, then run through it to make the brick appear.

Character: Hannah Abbot - There are 8 torches you can use WL on in this area. Use it on all of them and the token will appear.

Character: Lee Jordan - On the right, upper section there are 3 gold statues. Hit them with X and the token will appear (eventually).

Character: Millicent Bulstrode - Use DM on the crate near the DATDA classroom/office.

Charms Classroom Corridor

Student In Peril: Right after getting Wingardium Leviosa, leave the classroom and go to the left. Bring the apple down with WL.

Charms Classroom Left

Character: Boy - Go up top and use WL on the books near the window twice.

Charms Underground Area Left

(accessible from the left classroom, use RD on the lock near the teacher)

**WARNING - There is a glitch where you can get stuck in this area with no way out. DO NOT try to leave (by ways of the dragon) if the game is autosaving. Alternatively, wait to go into this room last (do everything else possible in Hogwarts)**

Character: Mad-Eye Moody - Destroy the beige orbs near the dragon, then use WL on the pieces to fix the dragon.

Student In Peril: Just to the right of the dragon, the student is stuck in a spider web high up.

Red Brick (Extra Hearts): To the far right is a black orb, use DM on it. Then bring the brick to the far left.

Gold Brick: After fixing the dragon, jump near him to go back up. You'll get a gold brick for escaping.

Charms Classroom Right

Character: Girl - Hit the 4 dropping candles in the room. Two are near the entrance, and the other two are parallel to those but up a level.

Charms Underground Area Right

(accessible from the right classroom, use a key character in the bottom left)

Character: Professor Flitwick - Go to the right and use Riddikulus on the bogart chest.

Student In Peril: Go farther to the right near the exit and the student is stuck in some Devil's Snare, in the lower portion. **This student isn't in a barrel - if you see that student, ignore them and go back one room**

Gold Brick: Continue to the second room. Use LM on the vines grabbing the claws on the wall to release the gold brick.

Red Brick (Character Token Detector): In the second room, talk parseltongue to the snake on the wall, then use DM to open the orb. The owl is just to the left.

DATDA (Defense Against The Dark Arts) Office

(This and the below section look similar, this one is near the large H on the wall)

Gold Brick: After learning RD you can use it on 7 silver items in the room. Some are held by pixies, but overall they're all out in the open.

Red Brick (Fast Magic): Use DM on the orb in the back, then bring the red brick to the owl in the bottom left.

Character: Ron (Pyjamas) - Use WL on all 4 torches in the room.

Character: Parvati (Ballgown) - There are 3 spider webs for you to hit. Two on the right wall and one on the left.

DATDA Classroom

(this and the above section look similar, this one is under a green banner)

Character: Parvati Pavil - There are 4 blue books that will fly away when it. 2 are near the cabinets, one is in the south end of the room, and the last is on the staircase at the top. **The one on the staircase is VERY difficult to see**

Character: Ginny Weasley - Simply open the DM gate in the back. Access to the Pendulum Row a rea is behind it.

Character: Station Guard - Use WL on all 4 torches in the room.

Gear Room

(accesible from DATDA Classroom - use the silver lock chest in the back)

Red Brick (Regenerate Hearts): There are 5 Bogart chests (remember, use Riddikulus) in this room. The first is right in front of you when you start, the next is next to the SIP and is caught in a Devil's Snare. The third is on the right side, break the gear to the left and use WL to bring the chest down. The fourth is just to the left, held by a pixie so use IM. The last is on the far left, get the potion ingredients to pull the chain to bring the chest down. The owl is just to the left of where the brick shows up.

Student In Peril: Trapped in a spider web near the start. Easy to see.

Character: Viktor (Tuxedo) - There are 7 hanging lamps for you to hit. The first 3 are near the entrance. The next is near the gear mechanism you break for one of the chests. The last 3 are right after going up the staircase you built.

Character: Harry (Maze Task) - Up top right before the cauldron, hit the 3 multicoloured banners in the background for this one to pop up.

Pendulum Row

(accessible from DATDA Classroom - open the DM gate in the back)

Character: Draco Malfoy - Use IM on all the pixies holding on to the pendulums.

Character: Professor Quirrell - Go to the lower area (down the stairs) and traverse across to find the token.

Gold Brick: Go right from the above token and use IM on the pixies to knock the chest down.

Potions Classroom

Character: Justin Finch-Fletchley - In the main storyline, you'll have to go here to learn about the polyjuice potion. When you make it, you'll get the character.

Potions Classroom - Side Area

To get up to the top, you'll need to use 3 keys on the gate on the right. You'll need a Hufflepuff character for the portrait on the left, a book character for the cabinet on the right, and a character with a key to turn the snake in the middle. One you've got all 3 unlocked you can use the stacking bricks to get to the higher section.

Red Brick (Score x10): On the right side in plain view. The owl is just across from the gate.

Gold Brick: In the middle behind an ageing barrier. You can use the aging potion in the other room.

Character: Professor Snape - On the far left in a chest.

Transfiguration Classroom Side Area

(needs RD to access)

Gold Brick: Use the transforming spell (red on the spell wheel) to turn the dummies into animals. You'll need to do it 3 times fairly quickly for each laneway (you can see the checkmarks above the cages). The gold brick will appear in the middle.

Character: Professor McGonagall - Do the above and this token will also appear.

Character: Fred Weasley - Behind the chalkboard.

Garden Courtyard

Character: Oliver Wood - Search the area for all the potion ingredients. Then use the strength potion on the heavy chain. Use a boomstrick to fly through all the hoops that appear, and the token will show up in the middle.

Divination Classroom

Character: Professor Trelawney - Use a key character to open the vault in the back of the room.

Character: Hermione (Blue Top) - Right beside the above vault, use DM on the cabinet.

Fountain Courtyard

Student In Peril: On the left you'll see some students bullying someone with magic. Use your own magic against them to scare them off.

Character: Hufflepuff Boy - Hop in the closet on the left to get a pair of earmuffs (if you've done the Herbology lesson), then grab the mandrake on the right side. Run around with it smash the small glass cases. 4 are out in the open, while one is hidden farther down the hallway the closest is in.

Red Brick (Collect Ghost Studs): Destroy all the statues around the fountain, then use WL on the knight armour to build it. The owl is at the back.

Gold Brick: Use DM on the black knight armour right next to the owl. Grab the broomstick and grab every blue stud that appears. At the end of the path the gold brick will appear.

Character: Ravenclaw Prefect - After getting the red brick above, use RD on the silver knight armour in the fountain. Then grab the bouncing plunger and use it to clean up the yellow puddles. The token will appear in the fountain.

Clock Tower

**IMPORTANT - According to ZER0SUPERMAN, make sure you get the Gold Brick in this area before interacting with the Parseltongue door - this should avoid the well known glitch where the Gold Brick doesn't appear**

**NOTE 2 (26/5/2011): I have been told that in fact, you need to put the purple gear in, then interact with the Parseltongue door which will cause the snake in the gears to uncoil, thus causing the bell to move and the Gold Brick to drop. Thanks DragonYen**

Student In Peril: There's a student stuck in a spider web right by the entrance.

Red Brick (Score x2): There are 4 pedestals with a chest on either side. Open the chests then arrange the moving clocks with WL (match the colours). Take the red brick to the back of the room to find the owl.

Gold Brick: **Glitch Alert - This brick has been reported to simply not appear for some people, check the note above** Go to the right and hit the painting. Then grab the purplegear and put it by the other gears. The bell will then drop a gold brick.

Character: Vernon Dursley - Go to the top area then use a parseltongue to talk to the snake on the left. A snake will grab an egg then get stuck in a hole, hit his tail and the token will appear.

(TT) Character: Milkman - Just to the left of you when you enter the TT version.

(TT) Character: Madam Rosmerta - In the top area, to the right is a book cabinet. Use RD then use a book character.

(TT) Gold Brick: On the left, hit the painting to get some pieces to add to the clock. On the right, do the above character to get some more pieces. Use WL on the clock, and you'll get the brick.

Small Courtyard

(You start Year 2 in this area)

Character: Angelina Johnson - run around the outer rim of this area and hit allthe torches with X. The token will appear in the middle.

Character: Hufflepuff Prefect - Use IM on the pixies to get the chest, open it to get some stacking pieces. Use them to grab the character token in the air.

Character: Slytherin Prefect - Use DM on the crate, then WL the seed and watering can to get a lift up to the token.


(accessible off Small Courtyard - get the key from the brown object in the bottom left)

Character: Hermione (Grey Hooded Top) - Use WL on the bridge item on the ground, it will fly around then make a path up to the token on the right.

Student In Peril: Go near the back wall and there are 2 owls holding a scroll. They'll open it to release the student.

Gold Brick: Move up to the second level, then use WL on the feather to tickle the painting. WL the bricks that appear and you'll get the brick.

Character: Cho Chang - There are 3 records you need to put on the record player.One is in the open, one is in the silver chest, and the hard to see one is in one of the brown cabinets - you can use WL on it.

(TT) Student In Peril: He's right in the middle stuck in a pipe. Use X to free him.

(TT) Character: Barty Crouch Senior - Use RD then WL on the cabinet to the right. Build the plunger vehicle, then use it to clean all 5 bird droppings on the floor.

(TT) Gold Brick: There are 3 pieces of mail on the floor, match their colours to the slots on the wall. Owls will pull them out and you'll get the brick.

(TT) Red Brick (Gold Brick Detector): Move up to the second floor, use WL to fix the camera, then use WL on the red brick in the video on the wall. Owl is next to the camera.

(TT) Character: Hermione (Hogwarts) - Hit the green thing on the desk, then WL the bricks you get to fix the record player.

Quidditch Training Field

Character: Harry (Quidditch) - There are 5 dig spots spread out on the field you need to dig up. Easy to find them all. Polyjuice effects are undone when you enter, so use Crookshanks as Hermione (gained in Year 3).

Character: Viktor (Dragon Task) - Hit the chest with RD to open it, then grab a broomstick and fly through all the hoops.

Gold Brick: Doing the above will also make a gold brick appear. Yay!

Herbology Classroom

Gold Brick: In the back of the room, jump from the plant to the top of the warddrobe. Then jump to the gold brick that's floating above.

Herbology Second Room

(use RD in the classroom, near the back - there's a door on the right, NOT the big brown door at the end)

Character: Fleur Delacour - There's a chest in plain sight in between the two rooms, use RD.

Student In Peril: Gather the ingredients for the strength potion, then pull the chain to free the student.

Red Brick (Singing Mandrake): After doing the above SIP you can make a staircase to the upper portion. Bring all the mandrakes up and put them in the pots to get the brick. Owl is in the bottom left.

Garden Dome

(continue past the Herbology Second Room instead of going inside)

Character: Drummer - Go up top and use Riddikulus on the bogart.

Character: Professor Sprout - Grab some earmuffs and get the mandrake. There are 5 glass items for you to destroy, all easy to find in this small area.

Lobby Hallway

Character: Madam Pince -There are 3 panels on the wall you can hit with X. Two on the right, and one on the left with a silver lock over it.

Character: Doris Crockford - 3 of the 9 torches for this character are in this hallway (one behind a silver lock). The other 6 are back in the Lobby.

Outer Hogwarts

Hagrids Hut

Gold Brick: Near the center of this area you'll see a stone platform. You must use LS/WL to lift up three rock slabs, then use WL on the brooms to clean them off. The gold brick will then appear on the platform.

Student In Peril: Outside near Hagrids Hut, on the right side you'll see a student in a Devil's Snare. Use Lumos Solem to free him.

Red Brick (Fast Dig): On the path towards the quidditch field there are a few see-through Lego discs. Use WL of them to create a raincloud, then use WL to move the rain cloud left and right to create 4 flower patches. Use WL again on each patch and the red brick will appear. Bring back to the entrance of this area and give it to the owl to unlock it.

Character: Percy Weasley - There are 4 carrots stuck in the ground around this area. Use WL to bring them all up.

Character: Ginny (Cardigan) - Use IM on the pixies near the entrance to get a flying pumpkin vehicle, then top of the hill to free a rocket. Use X on the rocket and it will fly off and the character token will appear. Use the flying pumpkin (use A to go up) to go grab it.

Character: Viktor Krum - Same as above, but you'll need to use DM on the second rocket.

Character: Cedric (Lake Task) - After getting the Ginny (Cardigan) token, come back later and the rocket will be there again, this time with silver locks. Use RD and then fly up and grab it.

Hagrids Garden

Character: Ron (Brown Jacket) - There are 3 mushrooms you can use WL on in this area, after which the token will appear.

Student In Peril: As you are setting up all the food, you'll be able to use WL on a basket. A student inside will throw a seed out. Hit the seed to make it a pumpkin, then use WL on it to 'save' him. **Some people just seem to miss this one. Don't just leave it if you think you're done with it, if you do it right the basket will fly away - that's when it counts as being a saved student**

Gold Brick: After going to the garden and doing all the tasks to heal Ron, leave and come back later. The Gold Brick should be near/above the cauldron.

**Thanks Wolfe_CH for confirmation**

Character: Amos Diggory - Go the right and use RD on the chest, then Riddikulus on the boggart.

(TT) Character: Petunia Dursley - On the far right is a dig spot, dig it to get the token.

(TT) Character: Gilderoy Lockhart (Green Jacket) - Go to the far left and use RD on the lock, then hit the axe to get the token.

(TT) Student In Peril: On the right there is a student stuck under a pumpkin, hit it to save him.

(TT) Gold Brick: Move the head to the scarecrow, then dig the ground and destroy the pumpkins. Pull the chain, then make the fireplace. Lastly, put the egg in the fireplace and the gold brick will appear.


Student In Peril: Smash the crates, then WL the pieces to make a dock for the student.

Character: Ron (Tuxedo) - Do the above SIP, and the token will appear on the dock.

Gold Brick: Use WL on the fishing pole to get some frogs in the water. Ride one and take it through the two poles in the water - another two will appear, just keep following them until the gold brick pops up.

Character: Bassist - Keep whacking the moles that come up until a character token appears.

Quidditch Field Entrance

Student In Peril: Outside on the left there is a student stuck on a billboard. Use WL on the rolled up tapestry to make a trampoline for him to jump into.

Character: Padma Patil - There are 4 Slytherin (green) flagpoles in this area. Use WL to make the flags go up and the token will appear.

Character: Katie Bell - Same concept as above, except it's 5 Gryffindor (red) flagpoles.

Gold Brick: By the tent there is a bench that you can use WL on. Jump on and have your AI or co-op buddy lift you up. Run along the tent and use WL on the ball stuck in a little thingy on the left. It will roll down and the Gold Brick will appear.

Character: Ravenclaw Boy - On the right side there is a popcorn stand with students in front of it. WL all the corn stalks around it and a bunch of studs will drop, and then the character token.

(TT) Character: George (Quidditch) - Go to the right and use the dig spot, then WL to make a sun/cloud. Then use WL on both sets of corn stalks to get the token.

(TT) Gold Brick: Use the dig spot, then use WL a few times to make the band play and get the brick.

(TT) Student In Peril: Go near the tent and use RD on the chest to save the student.

(TT) Red Brick (Stud Magnet): Go over to the far right near the big ice block. Use WL on the hammer and chisel, then move it around the block to release the brick. The owl is on the left near the instruments.

Diagon Alley

Gold Brick (4 total): Use RD on the lock in the pub, then go downstairs. There are 4 statues to build, one for each year. For each year, you need to save all the SIPs, get True Wizard, and complete all House Crests to be able to build the statue.

Character: Hermione (Ball Gown) - In Madam Malkin's Robes, use WL on the shirts near the clothes racks.

Character: Harry (Tuxedo) - In the back of Madam Malkin's Robes, go near the right curtain to open it. The person inside will drop the token.

Gold Brick: **Glitch Alert - For some reason this brick may be invisible. It's near the shop owner. ** Inside Eelops Owl Emporium, smash the items on the left and make a sweeper vehicle. Jump on and clear all the dust off the floors. The gold brick will then appear. ** Sweep like CRAZY. Even if you think you've swept every single inch, keep sweeping. You should get it eventually. Look closely on the ground and sweep over ever single patch of dust until they all disappear**

Gold Brick (12 total): You can buy 12 gold bricks from Eelops Owl Emporium. Total cost is 6.6 million studs.

Knockturn Alley

(requires RD to access)

Character: Igor Karkaroff - After passing under the walkway with the token on it, use WL on the planks to make a staircase to it.

Character: The Bloody Baron - Jump on the cart that the above planks were sitting on, then target the cart using X to knock you into the token.

Character: Shifty Wizard - Continue down the path and there will be a chest on a table. Use X on the chest and the table will move to bounce you up to the token.

Gold Brick: Inside Borgin & Burkes, it's right behind the main desk.

Character: Lord Voldemort - After collecting all 200 Gold Bricks, go to Borgin & Burkes and build the golden doorway. Go inside for the bonus level. You'll get the character right away, but you'll need to beat the level for %100.

7. Cheats5. Story Collectables

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