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Laminating $1 per letter-sized sheet or 50 cents per card

​Fax - $1/for each 3 pages sentor received

Document scanning - 20 cents per page (each side)

​Online Boating Safety Test

​Test Proctoring

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Please respect other patronsby keeping your voice low and silencing any phones, pagers, music players, laptops, tablets or other noise-making devices.

Please do not drop children off here. We arenotresponsible for children left unattended by parents or guardians except during planned library activities.

How do I.....?

Get a library card?

Adults and Parents/Guardians of children must present a picture ID and a proof of address (something other than their ID with their name and current address on it) toget a card for themselves and/or minor children under age 18.Those eligible to apply for a card,Adult (18-64), Senior (65+), or Part-Time Resident mustlive, work, or ownproperty in Johnson County. Non-Residentcards may be issued at the Library Director's discretion. Children ages 5-17, with aparent’s or guardian’s signature are eligible for a Juvenile card. NEW PATRONS MAY CHECK OUT ONE BOOK ON THE FIRST VISIT. The original card is free but replacement cards cost $1 each.Unpaid damage to library property, unpaid fines, unpaid replacement cost for library material, or unsuitable behavior in the library can result in a Library cardbeing revoked.

Check out a book, movie or audio material?

Present your card and item(s) you want to check out at the circulation desk. Books,audiobooksandmusic CDs are checked out for 2 weeks. Overdue fines for material kept beyondthat time is 10 cents per day for books and 25 cents per day forCDs. Two (2) DVDs may be checked out on an Adult cardfor 2 dayswith an overdue fine of $1 per day per DVD. No DVDsmay be checked out on a Juvenile card.A patron in good standing may have up to 5 items checked out on their card.Reference and Genealogy material may not be checked out, with the exception of encyclopedias which may be checked out overnight.

Renew or returna book?

Most items can be renewed if they are not on hold for another patron. Books and CDs can be renewed for 2 weeks. DVDsmay be renewed once, for an additional 2 days.Renewals may be done in person at the circulation desk, by phone (423-727-6544), or when signedin to your online account (

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You may return your items to the circulation desk; you do not need your library card for returns. If the library is closed, a book drop is provided outside the front door for books only. CDs and DVDs may not be put in the outside book drop or a $1 fine per DVD or25 cent fine for CDs will be charged to the patron's account.

If an Overdue Notice is mailed for items not returned in time, the Library will charge for postage.


Place a hold on a book?

You can request or place a hold on a book either in person at the circulation desk, from your online account, by phone, or by sending an email using the contact form on our website. If we do not own the book you want, we can search the Interlibrary Loan system with the otherlibraries that make up theHolston RiverRegional LibrarySystem. Patrons may no longer borrow material from ETSU and Northeast State Community College through our circulation system.A courier runs on Mondays, Wednesdays and Fridays to pick up and deliver books that have been requested by patrons. It can take up to a week for us to receive a book from another library.We borrow books only, except for new books, and do not borrow video or audio material.

Use a public computer?

We have 10 public PCs with internet access connectedtoa black and white printer. Everyone wishing to use a computer must stop at the deskand be assigned a computer and given a PIN. Users must read the Internet agreement on the screen, enter the PIN and click "I agree" for one hour of computer time. If no one is waiting to use a computer, additional time can be added, if requested at least 10 minutes before the time is up. Patrons are not allowed to visit inappropriate websites or chat rooms. Computer privilegescan be revoked for the following reasons: Unpaid damage to library property, unpaid fines orreplacement cost for library material, or unsuitable behavior in the library. Computers are shut down 10 minutes before closing.

Copy or print something?

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Photocopies are made by the library staff and are 20 cents per page for 1-9 copies and 10 cents per page for 10 or more copies.If you bring your own paper all copies are 5 cents each.Printouts made from one of the public computers are picked up at the circulation desk and cost the same as photocopies. Please pay attention to what you are printing and ask the staff for help if you are not sure how to print; we do charge you for any mistakes you make.

Use the Library's Wi-Fi?

You may bring your own laptop, tablet, or other wireless device to use in the library. We have a new Wi-Fi and reading room with tables and chairs available for your use. The library's Wi-Fi is open and does not require a code or password;connect to either Johnson Co Public Library Wi-Fi or Johnson Co Public Library WiFi-Front. To complete the connection to our Wi-Fi you must open your browser, read the Library policy, and hit "Continue." Your wireless device will not have access to our printer. To print from your phone or other device, send the item(s) to the Library email address ( and we will print for you. There is limited support available for your wireless device, library staff may not be able to help you with all problems.

Download an eBook or audio book?

From our library web site, click on "Download eBooks" to go to the READS web site. Sign in by choosing "Johnson County Public Library" and entering the number from the back of your library card (with no spaces.) Enter your PIN (your last name.) If you have not already done so, download the Libby App. You may browse for a book using one of the categories or search for a particular title or author. Click on the cover of a book that you want; At the top of the cover it will say "Available" or "Wait List." If it is available click "Borrow" and choose 7, 14, or 21 days as the checkout period.Next choose the format of the book or choose to read it in your browser. If it is a Kindle book, you must also sign in to your Amazon account and click "Get Library Book."If the book is not available you can be put on the wait list and will receive an email when you can borrow it. (Note: If you have overdue items or fines on your library account you will not be able to download.)

Check my Library account?

From our Home page (,) click Check Your Account. Enter the barcode number from the back of your library card (with no spaces) and your PIN. By default, your PIN is the first 8 characters of your last name. The library can no longer give you your PIN, we can only reset it to your last name.

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What questions should be on a FAQ page? ›

Your FAQ page should address the most common questions customers have about your products, services, and brand as a whole. The best way to identify those questions is to tap into your customer service data and see which problems customers are consistently reaching out to you with.

Does FAQ stand for frequently asked questions? ›

FAQ is used especially on websites to refer to questions about a particular topic. FAQ is an abbreviation for `frequently asked questions'.

What is the purpose of FAQs Frequently Asked Questions? ›

Frequently asked questions, or FAQs as they are known, are a great way to improve your customer's experience of your website. It allows you to answer the questions that are most commonly asked surrounding your product or service.

How many questions should a FAQ have? ›

Fewer than five questions might indicate you haven't done your research… or that you didn't need an FAQ to begin with. Fielding dozens of questions isn't good either, but if they're all necessary, consider splitting your FAQ into multiple pages.

How do you make a good FAQ? ›

Tips for writing a good FAQ page
  1. Make the FAQs easy to find.
  2. Write questions from the point of view of your customer.
  3. Write the FAQ sheet in an actual question-and-answer format.
  4. Keep answers short.
  5. Fully answer the question, don't just link to a different page.
  6. Start your answers to yes/no questions with a “yes” or a “no”
Oct 20, 2021

How do you organize Frequently Asked Questions? ›

10 Tips For Creating a Killer FAQ Page
  1. Use Them As A Last Resort. The first rule of FAQ pages is to avoid them as much as possible. ...
  2. Keep Them Well Organized. ...
  3. Make Sure They Are Actually Frequently Asked. ...
  4. Write Them Using Your Customers Language. ...
  5. Think and Share Visually. ...
  6. Plan For Scanning. ...
  7. Allow Search. ...
  8. Don't Over-Do It.
Oct 30, 2011

What is FAQ explain? ›

frequently asked question, frequently asked questions —used to refer to a list of answers to typical questions that users of a Web site might ask.

Is FAQs correct? ›

FAQ stands for 'Frequently asked questions', with the plural being implicit in the acronym FAQ. But it is common to see the word 'FAQs' being used, which treat the word FAQ as an object in itself, and an s being added to its end in order to pluralize it.

What's another word for FAQ? ›

FAQ Synonyms - WordHippo Thesaurus.
What is another word for FAQ?
about uswhat we do
supporthelp & support
4 more rows

What are advantages of knowing the FAQ? ›

  • Improved SEO and site navigation.
  • Alleviate customer purchasing anxiety.
  • Relieve some burden on customer support (i.e. fewer support emails)
  • Build and earn trust with your customers.
  • Satisfying customer curiosities.
Mar 23, 2018

Are FAQs good for SEO? ›

Are FAQ Pages Good for SEO? Yes. When optimized for relevant keywords, well-designed for optimal user experience (UX) and properly marked up with structured data, FAQ pages are valuable to organic performance.

What questions do customers ask? ›

5 Questions Every Customer Asks
  • Do I want to do business with this person? ...
  • Do I want to do business with the firm this person represents? ...
  • Do I want and need what this person is selling? ...
  • Does the price and value meet my expectations? ...
  • Is this the right time to buy? ...
  • Order Matters.
Feb 28, 2012

What are common interview questions? ›

Most Common Interview Questions:
  • Tell me something about yourself.
  • How did you hear about this position?
  • Why do you want to work here?
  • Why did you decide to apply for this position?
  • What is your greatest strength?
  • What are your strengths and weaknesses?
  • What do you know about this company/organization?

What does an FAQ look like? ›

FAQ stands for “Frequently Asked Questions.” An FAQ is a list of commonly asked questions and answers on a website about topics such as hours, shipping and handling, product information, and return policies.

How do I create a Q&A document? ›

How to Create 'Frequently Asked Questions' Documents ... - YouTube

What questions do customers ask? ›

5 Questions Every Customer Asks
  • Do I want to do business with this person? ...
  • Do I want to do business with the firm this person represents? ...
  • Do I want and need what this person is selling? ...
  • Does the price and value meet my expectations? ...
  • Is this the right time to buy? ...
  • Order Matters.
Feb 28, 2012

What does an FAQ look like? ›

FAQ stands for “Frequently Asked Questions.” An FAQ is a list of commonly asked questions and answers on a website about topics such as hours, shipping and handling, product information, and return policies.

Are FAQs still relevant? ›

FAQs, or “Frequently Asked Questions,” is a popular format for writers to provide a list of what they consider to be useful information. Yet more and more content strategists are recommending against them.

What are the two types of FAQs present on the platform? ›

Answer. Use “FAQ” or “Frequently Asked Questions” as the page title. Write questions from the point of view of your customer. Write the FAQ sheet in an actual question-and-answer format.

An FAQ page is one of the best ways to help people visiting or using your site. Get inspired by these 25 examples of creative and useful FAQ pages.

Because FAQ pages can bring in new visitors to your website via organic search and drive them to related pages – most typically deeper blog pages and service pages closely related to the questions being resolved.. Twitter’s FAQ made the list as it includes some nice personalization, easy to use search functionality, and it looks nice (something that few FAQ pages ever achieve).. The McDonald’s FAQ page feels informal, sociable, and encourages people to share their FAQ experience (a rarity).. The FreeSpirit FAQ page combines useful information navigational features with interactive content to empower the user to progress through the site and making buying decisions faster.. Chatbots are ideal FAQ considerations mainly based on the ability for them to expedite and drive the user journey (a key effectiveness area for any help and FAQ resource).. The Transpack Product Help Center acts as both an FAQ resource as well as a guides roll-up resource, meaning that users can access top-level information as well as buying guides, measurement information, and a whole host of other insights normally only accessible through blogs.. King’s College London’s FAQ page is divided into FAQ sections per key area of the website.. Whether you have an FAQ page in place but you believe it can contribute more, or are looking to create a new FAQ resource for your website, it’s important to consider the following steps.

​​Wondering what to write on your website FAQ page? Use these tips to figure out the frequently asked questions your customers and visitors want to know.

When you build a website, one of the most important pages is for “frequently asked questions”—your FAQ page.. The best FAQ pages can convince new customers, close sales, and save you time answering repetitive questions.. How do you get started writing a FAQ page, and how do you know which questions to answer?. What does FAQ mean?. It stands for frequently-asked questions, and it’s a page on a website that gives quick answers to customer questions.. The idea is to keep the answers short and direct so that people find info quickly.. A good FAQ page gives your customers confidence to make a purchase.. Use Google’s Autosuggest feature to start typing a question about your business into the search bar.. Make the FAQs easy to find Write questions from the point of view of your customer Write the FAQ sheet in an actual question-and-answer format Keep answers short Fully answer the question, don’t just link to a different page Start your answers to yes/no questions with a “yes” or a “no” Avoid jargon—write like your customers talk Show some personality in your answers. So the customer is “I” and you, the website owner, are “you”.. When possible, answer the entire question in the FAQ without linking away to another page.. Start your answers with a “yes” or a “no”: Those simple words can save people time.. Here are some ideas of what you might include in your FAQ:

Frequently Asked Questions

If your computer monitor was on and you stepped away from the computer and upon returning it was black, it's likely that the computer is asleep.. Verify that the monitor is properly connected in the back of the monitor as well as to the back of the computer.. If after closing all programs running on the computer you are still encountering the same issue when attempting to delete files, load the computer into Safe Mode and delete the files.. If you are running Microsoft Windows 7, Windows 10, or a later version of Microsoft Windows, you are eligible to update Microsoft Windows, and in some cases, your computer hardware with the latest drivers through Microsoft's update site, visit Users should not simply press the power button or restart the computer while Windows is still running unless there is an issue with the computer.. In fact many versions of Microsoft Windows will check the computer for any problems if the computer is not shut down properly.. Verify that your computer is able to see the Internet and/or other computers to ensure that your computer is not encountering a connection issue, which would be causing your e-mail issue.. Because computer viruses and other malware are best distributed through e-mail, many e-mail service providers, companies, and e-mail programs prevent certain types of file extensions from being distributed or received through e-mail.. If the computer's name was hope, to map to that computer, type \\hope If you wished to map to a shared folder on the hope computer such as a mp3 folder, you would type \\hope\mp3.. A computer virus is a software program that has been intentionally created to cause a user grief, spread to other computers, or destroy data on an individual's computer.. Computer viruses are software code designed to spread to computer files and other computers, delete files, and cause other problems with the data on the computer.. However, keep in mind if backups have been made that contain the virus, other media or drives connected to the computer have a virus, your computer is connected to another computer on a network with a virus, and/or the virus is stored on some other type of software you use with your computer it can become re-infected if not properly protected.

Answers to frequently asked questions about Windows Autopatch.

Windows Autopatch uses Windows Update for Business and other service components to update devices.. Windows Autopatch supports Windows 365 for Enterprise.. Windows Autopatch is available for all Windows E3 customers using Azure commercial cloud.. For those who used the promo code to access Windows Autopatch during public preview, you'll continue to have access to Windows Autopatch even when the promo code expires.. Windows Autopatch is included with Window 10/11 Enterprise E3 or higher.. Once a device is registered with Windows Autopatch, updates are rolled out to the devices according to its ring assignment.. No, Windows 365 Enterprise Cloud PC's support all features of Windows Autopatch.. Windows 10/11 quality updates: Windows Autopatch manages all aspects of update rings.. Microsoft 365 Apps for enterprise updates: All devices registered for Windows Autopatch will receive updates from the Monthly Enterprise Channel.. Microsoft Edge: Windows Autopatch configures eligible devices to benefit from Microsoft Edge's progressive rollouts on the Stable channel and will provide support for issues with Microsoft Edge updates.. Microsoft Teams: Windows Autopatch allows eligible devices to benefit from the standard automatic update channels and will provide support for issues with Teams updates.. Pausing and resuming: If Windows Autopatch detects an issue with a Windows quality release, we may decide that it's necessary to pause that release.. When you've onboarded with Windows Autopatch, you can submit a support request with the Windows Autopatch Service Engineering Team.

Ja, 7-Zip ist freie Software. Sie dürfen es auf jedem Computer verwenden. Sie müssen 7-Zip weder registrieren noch dafür bezahlen.

Beispielsweise nutzen NTFS-Laufwerke die Sortierreihenfolge „nach Name“, sodass die Geschwindigkeit von manchen Operationen bei Dateien mit ungewöhnlicher Reihenfolge auf HDD-Geräten fallen kann, falls ein Archiv eine andere Sortierung nutzt (HDDs haben eine geringe Geschwindigkeit für „Such“-Operationen).. Falls Sie solch ein Archiv haben, fragen Sie bitte nicht die Entwickler von 7-Zip um Hilfe.. Sie können ein Archiv öffnen und die Dateiliste sehen, wenn Sie allerdings „Entpacken“ oder „Überprüfen“ drücken, gibt es einige Fehler: Daten-Fehler oder CRC-Fehler.. Wenn Sie ein Archiv öffnen, erhalten Sie die Nachricht: „Kann ‚a.7z‘ nicht als Archiv öffnen“. Falls Sie MSVC benutzen, geben Sie die SDK-Verzeichnisse zu Beginn der Verzeichnislisten der „Include Dateien“ und der „Bibliothekdateien“ an.. Ja, Sie müssen jedoch Folgendes in Ihrer Dokumentation angeben: (1) dass Sie Teile von 7-Zip verwenden, (2) dass 7-Zip unter der GNU LGPL lizensiert ist und (3) müssen Sie einen Verweis zu angeben, wo der Quelltext eingesehen werden kann.

Frequently Asked Questions

For all other exams, browse all exams to find the exam page where you will find the price of the exam.. Manage your exam time accordingly so that you can complete all case studies and all other sections of your exam.. Because our primary communication with candidates about exam content is through the exam details page, we will update it as soon as we know what’s changing and when; we update our exams every two months, so we strongly recommend that you review the exam details page regularly as you prepare to take an exam.. The best way to prepare for an exam is to practice the skills listed in the “Skills measured” section of the exam details page.. Because Microsoft must ensure that candidates who pass exams and earn our certifications have demonstrated the required proficiency level(s) across the skill domain(s), the final result of an exam is rarely changed based on a re-evaluation of your exam results.. When you launch the exam, you will see a screen that tells you how many items, case studies, and labs, including the number of tasks, that will be on the exam.. In some cases, you need something to execute before you can complete another task, but this will be noted in the task, and there will be other tasks that you can be working on while that task executes.. You will be told if the exam has labs and how many in the introduction to the exam.. At the beginning of the exam, the number of labs, case studies, and questions as well as the exam time will be provided in the introduction (read it!).. We select the tasks that best lend themselves to lab-based assessment, that do not require long execution times or resources, and that can be completed within the anticipated time for test takers to complete the exam.. The knowledge and skills assessed on the exam are listed in the “Skills measured” section of the exam details page.. We do not share a list of exams that have labs because the presence or absence of labs can literally change from one candidate to the next based on Azure availability, outages, and bandwidth, leading to escalations when candidates think the exam was to have labs but didn’t.

Handling frequently asked questions requires more than an FAQ page. Use the power of automation to deliver help content at the right time.

Our customers often ask us how they can run an excellent customer support operation.. Answering these kinds of binary questions, day in, day out, can take their toll – after all, a customer support teammate is at their most productive when helping customers with challenging, layered questions.. And that’s not the only cost – paying customer support representatives to answer the same questions again and again is an expensive business.. With this in mind, here are our best practices for ensuring your customers get the answers they need, while your customer support representatives get to do the most high-value work that keeps them motivated.. By creating an FAQ page or help center using Articles, you have an entire repository of articles that can help your customers search for the answers they need.. Using our Articles Insights , you’ll get an overview of anything that your customers are searching for that doesn’t return an article, so you know what questions your customers are asking and what answers you need to compose and provide.. A stand-out example of how to develop an FAQ page can be found in our own Help Center – for instance, our “FAQs from the community” collection, where we’ve gathered articles that deal with our customers’ recurring questions.. Modern customers are incredibly busy – some would rather write directly to your support team to get a fast, accurate answer to their question.. With the funnel, most simple FAQs are resolved through proactive and self-serve support , leaving only the most complex and critical queries for your team, such as issues from VIP customers, emotionally-charged complaints, and complex troubleshooting issues.. For example, if an important pricing query rolls into the Inbox for your support team to address, you can set up a macro to automatically assign the issue to your sales team, escalate it as priority, mark it as a potential upgrade, and send a ready-made reply to the customer – all with a single click.. These empower your team to answer frequent queries that require a longer explanation – for instance, if a customer wants to know how to plan their project, you can send a how-to article with all of the details.. Our Articles Search app , meanwhile, will let your customers search for the answers to their questions without ever needing to leave your Messenger.. With this feature, Operator will step in to answer customer questions by suggesting relevant articles from your help center.. This way, Operator learns when, and how, to step in to answer your customers’ frequently asked questions, so you don’t have to.


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