20 Best Minecraft Seeds For 2022 - Gameranx (2023)

Start your Minecraft adventure fresh in 2022 with these incredible seeds.

20 Best Minecraft Seeds For 2022 - Gameranx (1)

2022 is shaping up to be another strong year for Minecraft. The tail-end of 2021 saw the full release of the , adding the new Lush Caves biome — among lots of other changes. New biomes, creatures, and recipes can mean only one thing: it’s a great time for players to jump back in. To help get you started on another adventure, we’ve picked out 20 awesome seeds you really ought to try in 2022. Some of these seeds are pure natural beauty, some are a chaotic mess of random world generation, and some have useful features like a complete Ender Portal nearby. All of these seeds are special for a reason. Go on a seed-finding adventure with us — here are some of my favorite seeds heading into 2022.

The following seeds are for Java & Bedrock Snapshot 1.18 unless stated otherwise.

20 Best Minecraft Seeds For 2022 - Gameranx (2)

Lustrous Lush Cave

  • Seed: 838549532

The Cliffs and Caves update adds multiple biomes you’ll want to check out — and they’re deep underground. Usually you’ll have to search high-and-low to find one of these, but with this seed you’ll find an easy path to a truly massive Lush Cave, complete with underground waterfall and jungle vines. Just check the position in the screenshot to find your new favorite Lush Cave biome.

20 Best Minecraft Seeds For 2022 - Gameranx (3)

Striking Seaside

  • Seed: 26942297

Looking for the perfect place to build your seaside fortress? This huge cavern is open to the seafront, with an added layer of lava falls. An awesomely detailed location right near spawn that’s pre-built for villainous lairs. There are even multiple layers of cavern to explore! Go to coordinates [-501 -607] to locate it.

20 Best Minecraft Seeds For 2022 - Gameranx (4)

Surface Swamp

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  • Seed: 62839305145583487

Want the new cave plants, moss, and clay pools that come with Lush Caves but don’t want to do all that digging? Here’s a fun, skewered seed that drops you right into a surface “Lush Cave” — all the Lush Cave accoutrements are there, but they’ve spawned on the surface instead of deep underground. No need to craft a shovel to get here.

20 Best Minecraft Seeds For 2022 - Gameranx (5)

Four Biome Junction

  • Seed: 270351465496947700

A beautiful valley with four distinct biomes separated by a river. Starting location right at the center, so you can choose between Desert, Jungle, Badlands or Hills. One of the most unique and striking biomes I’ve seen. The landscape is an instant work-of-art.

20 Best Minecraft Seeds For 2022 - Gameranx (6)

Snowy Valley

  • Seed: 8624896

A picturesque valley that’s perfect for a secluded castle or secret base. The snowcapped mountains add ambience, and there’s a pool at the bottom. Even if you don’t want to live the Norway lifestyle, this is an ideal location for digging some tunnels and starting up your strip-mining operation.

20 Best Minecraft Seeds For 2022 - Gameranx (7)

Lush Mansion Entrance

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  • Seed: 1858474172

Here’s one mansion with an epic entrance. This seed features a Woodland Mansion with a Lush Cave passage leading straight to the entrance. This gives you a premade secret haunted house to claim as your own. Check the screenshot above for coordinates.

20 Best Minecraft Seeds For 2022 - Gameranx (8)

Quarry Crater

  • Seed: 8981820113723791468

This massive Badlands crater starting spot gives you a pre-dug quarry and a vast cavern space to store your dwarf-like civilization. There’s also a Mushroom Island nearby if you’re feeling like moving to an even-more-whimsical starting location.

20 Best Minecraft Seeds For 2022 - Gameranx (9)

Mansion Village

  • Seed: -1046584479

This simple village doesn’t look like much — until you spot the giant mansion nearby. This Minecraft: Bedrock Mobile seed plops you down right inside a village with a scenic mansion connected. The village is stocked with three diamonds and a blacksmith. Not a bad way to get started.

20 Best Minecraft Seeds For 2022 - Gameranx (10)

Skylight Lush Cave

  • Seed: 6569945437464951743

This Lush Cave is found inside a hollowed-out mesa with a natural skylight. The wasteland has an incredible oasis just beneath the surface, ready to be explored. Go to coordinates [-1949 49 1696] to find the Lush Cave location.

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20 Best Minecraft Seeds For 2022 - Gameranx (11)

Pillager Pavillion

  • Seed: 2044758526

Want to find one of the new Pillager Outposts? You can explore this outpost in the center of a standard village. You can evict the Pillagers and quickly take up residence in a fancy, medium-rare tower — then you can get about with the renovating. You can’t start your kingdom right without a few subjects.

20 Best Minecraft Seeds For 2022 - Gameranx (12)

Pirate Cove

  • Seed: -7656914684843001335

A stating location good enough to make us shout “Arghhh!” A great place for seafaring Minecraft adventurers to build their hidden pirate palace. With a little extra work, I can just imagine the giant skull. The cove is located directly due east of the starting location.

20 Best Minecraft Seeds For 2022 - Gameranx (13)

Vast Cave Network

  • Seed: 314031862

An enormous cave network is waiting to be explored in this simple seed. The caves are huge, filled with open spaces that are perfect for building a new dwarven underground empire. Light up the ceiling to create your very own starry night. Just look at the screenshot above for coordinates.

20 Best Minecraft Seeds For 2022 - Gameranx (14)

Jam-Packed Civilization

  • Seed: 720249967

This packed seed generates a world full of villages and other sights relatively close to each other. According to the players that shared it, you’ll find 5 Villages, 1 Pillager Outpost, 1 Mansion, 2 Monuments, 2 Jungle Temples, 2 Desert Temples, 1 Ruined Portal, 1 Shipwreck, 1 Mineshaft and 1 Underwater Stronghold. And that’s all close together with a little exploration. That makes this a great seed if you want to interlink an empire without building up everything yourself.

20 Best Minecraft Seeds For 2022 - Gameranx (15)

Chilly Waterfalls

  • Seed: -1551049994 [Bedrock 1.18 Experimental Only]

While this won’t work in the normal snapshots, this seed is so cool I absolutely wanted to share. Found far from spawn, there’s an exposed mountain cavern that’s full of water, creating this cascading waterfall effect — and instantly we have a beautiful location to build a snowy winter castle.

20 Best Minecraft Seeds For 2022 - Gameranx (16)

Shipwreck Island

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  • Seed: -4060839488929676108 [Java 1.16 – 1.17 Snapshot]

This beautiful seaside civilization is a perfect starting point for a survival adventure. There are three villages (two floating villages, and one on dry land) and a shipwreck that’s almost completely above-water. Connect up the three villages to make one huge city or develop the rest of the island however you like. It’s a scenic spot for players that don’t want to feel too lonely. Just walk one direction, and you’ll have an entire village to explore and interact with.

20 Best Minecraft Seeds For 2022 - Gameranx (17)

Easy End Access

  • Seed: 4130731865950994903 [Java 1.16 – 1.17 Snapshot ]

Want to travel to the End extremely fast? This seed features a complete End Portal with all 12 eyes. Even better, the portal is located directly underneath a Woodland Mansion entrance. The portal is a little far away from your spawn point, you’ll need to travel to [-650 2000] to find the mansion, then it’s up to you to dig. This is a perfect Resident Evil spot! A spooky mansion with a secret underneath.

20 Best Minecraft Seeds For 2022 - Gameranx (18)

Hill Village

  • Seed: -2378938150095149595

Need a commanding view of the countryside? This hilltop has your back. Travel to [-671 72 -1329] to find the village and spruce it up with walkways and ladders to make the upper section accessible. A great starter project with some of the work already done for you.

20 Best Minecraft Seeds For 2022 - Gameranx (19)

Lava Lake

  • Seed: -5124097712677016335

Need a dramatic location for your Nether-themed builds? This lake of lava is in an open-air cavern and cascades down the ledge, creating a glowing (and natural) lavafall. Travel to the coordinates [-958 -24 -2774] — just don’t accidentally fall in.

20 Best Minecraft Seeds For 2022 - Gameranx (20)

Grand Savannah

  • Seed: 6841401455424705842

An incredibly vibrant seed with rolling Savannah and Stony Peaks right at the spawn. There are endless possibilities to transform this landscape — it’s an incredible canvas to start your adventuring and building. Not much to say about this one, the picture does all the talking. The entire world around spawn is populated by different biomes between mountain ranges, giving this a very real-world quality. No endless flatlands here.

20 Best Minecraft Seeds For 2022 - Gameranx (21)

Chaotic Cove

  • Seed: -1381685289420344963

Another striking seaside that’s also a complete mess of world generation. There’s a tall seaside cliff with a village right on top, with an open cove underneath the high peak village. Waterfalls pour from one side, and the opposite end of the island has another floating village to explore. This jumbled environment is a great starter for the creatively minded. Check out the coordinates [591 85 1496] to explore this area.

That’s 20 seeds we think you should try in 2022. We’ll be updating this list later in the year, so let us know which seeds you love the most. We’re always hunting for more!

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